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Digital health


Driving health innovation through technology excellence

We help our customers develop new technologies and service concepts in the area of Digital health – and support their growth with top-level research and science-based results. Together with our customers, we want to give a contribution to affordable and high-quality care through technology innovation. The results can be seen as improvements in preventive healthcare, predictive diagnostics and care, as well as health care process optimization.

Our pragmatic approach stems from a deep knowledge of the medical sphere combined with state-of-the-art engineering competences. Turning opportunities into a success requires a combination of high-quality R&D in medical sciences, ICT, wearable sensors and in diagnostics technologies. In addition, to further make the life of our customers easier, we offer early-stage clinical validations of developed technology solutions. This is why VTT works in agile cross-technology teams, helping our customers in creating unique solutions.

AI enables smart health technologies and solutions

Ensuring high quality of care for the entire population with manageable costs requires that healthcare systems are re-defined and new methods for advancing personal health and empowering self-care are developed. AI enabled technologies will help to optimise health care processes for ultimate resource efficiency. Smart usage of data, taking the privacy and confidentiality aspects into consideration, will be in a decisive role in future health management. As part of the Finnish smart health ecosystem, VTT actively promotes the utilization of Finland´s unique health data repositories for creating innovations in data-driven precision medicine, e.g. Smart Health ecosystem event on 12 June in Helsinki and Premed ecosystem.

Read more about AI enabled healthcare technologies and solutions »

Human data analysis 

Data mining is one of our core capabilities. It involves data mining, bio-signal and medical image analysis, systems medicine and other relevant methodologies that aid us in discovering and developing innovative solutions for early diagnostics and effective disease therapies. The human body is an extremely complex system, and therefor reliable clinical decision-making demands a holistic view. We take a multidisciplinary approach to developing automated and objective analysis tools for clinical practice. Our mission is to transform heterogeneous, complex health data into information that helps health care professionals to make better decisions.

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Stress measurement algorithms »

We design and carry out studies on mental stress and relaxation monitoring, and develop tools and methods for data analysis, as well as sensors for monitoring.

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Physical activity sensing »

We help our customers to acquire and analyse data from wearable movement sensors, for example, to automatically detect the amount of daily physical activity and the types of physical activities.

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​​​Biosignal analysis »

We provide solutions by extracting essential information from physiological data measured at home, in hospitals, or on the move.

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​​​Medical image analysis »

At VTT we have more than 20 years' experience in developing algorithms for image quantification. We provide solutions for quantifying medical images accurately and robustly in feasible computation time.

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Clinical decision support »

We assist healthcare professionals in complex decision making by combining heterogeneous patient data in practically usable tools.

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​​​Cardiac rehabilitation »

We help our customers to design and implement ICT tools for cardiac rehabilitation.

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Health monitoring

We have one of the largest R&D programs for optical, electrical, biological and molecular sensing solutions in Europe.  We combine expertise in optical engineering, instrumentation and measurement science with deep application knowledge to solve challenging technical problems. The result is effective new products and solutions for health and wellness monitoring. 

​​​MEMS sensors »

VTT is known for its innovative, state-of-the-art MEMS devices. We design, model, simulate, fabricate and characterise silicon-based components and readout electronics, with a focus on surface and SOI MEMS technologies.

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​​​Smart phone powered ECG »

We have developed a device that allows consumers to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) in the comfort of their own homes. The pocket-size device communicates with a smartphone.

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​​​Optical microspectro-meters »

VTT's tuneable FPI filter technology enables miniaturisation of spectrometers into small, hand-held sensors. Our technology is robust and mass-producible, and eliminates the need for expensive linear array detectors. 

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​​​Zero power wireless sensors »

Wireless sensor networks are a key element in implementing the Internet of Things in several application fields such as wearable technology. VTT has developed the intermodulation communication principle in order to wirelessly read out passive sensors at long distances.

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​​​Antennas and RF technologies »

We develop antennas, antenna arrays, components, circuits, modules and sub-systems for radio frequency communication and sensing applications. We collaborate with our customers from early phase concept research and development to final product optimisations.

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 Application and service design

We help our customers to develop solutions which enable individuals to be responsible and proactive in managing their own health and chronic conditions. Our strength lies in our ability to take a multidisciplinary approach to supporting behavior change, taking into account mental, physical, social, and cultural dimensions of well-being, as well as individual contexts, needs, motivators and abilities. Take a closer look of our service concepts we have designed for our customers.

​​​Tool for estimating holistic wellbeing »

We empower consumers and professionals to make sense of personal health data through analysis and visualisation. Our expertise in self-measurement solutions for health and wellbeing has culminated in tools that provide comprehensive insight into a person's holistic health status, including physical, mental and social aspects

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​​​Kasvuseula »

Kasvuseula online service, developed by VTT, provides parents with reliable, analysed data on the growth of their child and any related abnormalities.

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Manufacturing facilities ​

You have VTT's state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure, pilot plants and top professionals at your service. Along with modern laboratories and top-level characterisation tools, our R&D infrastructure includes a unique selection of pilot plants serving the major steps of the development chain – all seamlessly integrated with the skilled professionals at VTT and our cooperation network. 

​​​Cleanroom facility for micro-electronics »

VTT is the provider of a world-class cleanroom facility. The 2 600 m² Micronova R&D cleanroom is fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems.

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Printed intelligence pilot  manufacturing »

VTT offers a unique roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing environment and R&D services for the development of printed intelligence products and processes.

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VTT Cleanroom 

Discover what collaboration with VTT can achieve:


VTT as a research and development partner

We have considerable intellectual property & teams with world-class excellence in sensing, connectivity and analytics to build solutions for digital health.

We can ensure the clinical quality by a close collaboration with leading experts in different fields of medicine.

We are integral part of the Finnish Health Tech ecosystem – including policy makers, funding organisations, care providers, research organisation.

We can help international companies in entering this ecosystem and utilising its innovation potential. 


​​​​Do you need support for your company's R&D process?

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​Medical imaging equipment to diagnose skin cancer

Customer: Medlumics

Challenge: Reducing the size and cost of optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems.

Solution: VTT provided silicon photonics technology which is based on 3 µm thick Si waveguides that form photonic integrated circuits on small Si chips. Commercial manufacturing was started via VTT Memsfab.

Key benefits:

  • Ready prototype of OCT using silicon photonics technology 
  • Unique combination of low loss, broadband and polarisation independent operation, as well as ultra-dense integration, low cost and industrial manufacturability.
  • Medlumics is now ready to develop portable and affordable OCT systems for medical imaging.


" VTT’s low-loss photonic platform is helping us improve our medical virtual biopsy products by miniaturizing all the optics into a tiny chip, thus reducing size and cost of what are otherwise complex systems. We have found a strong commitment to quality procedures and reliable fabrication, which has been fundamental for our success in moving towards a commercial product."

Eduardo Margallo, CEO, Medlumics