Wearable technology and wearable electronics

Wearable technology provides unique smart wearable patches with enabling users to gain meaningful information on their personal health and wellbeing.

Key facts about wearable technology

VTT provides novel flexible, soft, conformable, and even stretchable wearable sensor patches for healthcare and wellness applications.

VTT has an advanced data analytics and machine learning pipelines.

VTT offers wireless sensors platforms that can be customised for customers’ needs.

In order to support healthy lifestyle and develop new wearable solutions for healthcare, there is a need for unobtrusively measure accurate data from users during daily activities. We need to combine a large variety of data and extract essential, actionable information for individuals and healthcare professionals. This requires development of novel, conformable and wearable sensor techniques and advanced data analytics, for which VTT has the required competences.

Electronics on your skin

Due to the ageing population, novel healthcare and wellness applications – especially in homecare and in sports – require continuous wireless measurement of various parameters from human body, such as temperature, heart rate and oxygen saturation. However, electronics today are wired, bulky and clumsy to use. Ultra-comfortable solutions for wearable electronics that are flexible, soft, conformable, and even stretchable and that can be worn as patches – intelligent plasters – are required.

VTT offers the whole elastic wireless sensor development package under one roof: materials, manufacturing & integration, HW and SW design and application know-how.

VTT has unique expertise in flexible electronics and especially in upscaling of developed technologies to high-volume and low-cost roll-to-roll production. Latest advancements include realisation of wireless sensor patches using stretchable substrates. When compared to commercially available products, VTT’s technology is much better in terms of miniaturisation, conformability and manufacturability.

A photo of a person with a patch on one hand and a smart phone with diagnostic readouts in the other.
FlexDot - ultra-compact stick-on wireless sensor patch.

Data is king

VTT has expertise and capabilities in advanced data analytics and machine learning (ML). The sensor data needs to be processed on the fly and data processing algorithms and adaptive models need to be adapted according to the situation. VTT data pipeline solutions enable meaningful and optimised data flow from tiny continuously measuring sensors, through the edge, to the cloud processing for services. ML pipeline solutions for small devices by VTT are unique and provide benefits in flexibility and adaptively beyond currently used in similar solutions.  

A photo of hans stretching out a stretchy material with eletronics on its surface.
StretchNode - an elastic wireless sensor platform.

Wireless sensor platforms at VTT

VTT offers several wireless sensors platforms – ready to be modified according to customer needs. Our FlexDot is an ultra-compact stick-on wireless sensor patch featuring 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, Bluetooth data streaming to mobile devices, and it is fully sealed but has breathable encapsulation with skin-friendly adhesive. It can be used, for instance, for unobtrusive motion sensing and recording.

VTT’s StretchNode is an elastic wireless sensor platform intended for healthcare and wellbeing applications. It features direct integration of electronic components on elastic materials and it is manufactured using high throughput roll-to-roll processes.

Antti Kemppainen
Antti Kemppainen
Ralph Liedert
Ralph Liedert
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Heart rate monitors and smart watches are just the beginning. What if, in addition to your pulse, your smart device were able to tell you the right time to take a sip of your sports drink so that you could ride your bicycle longer?