Printed intelligence

VTT Printed Intelligence makes it possible to create products that have never been seen before: flexible, lightweight organic solar cells, illuminating surfaces, sensors integrated directly on skin and communicating labels for packaging.

Key facts about printed intelligence

Unique combination of over 100 multitechnological experts and a world-class awarded pilot factory.

PrintoCent Designer’s Handbook is a free of charge 264-page manual to ease in utilising printed electronics.

We are working with almost 100 companies from 4 different continents annually in contract R&D and more than 200 companies in jointly funded projects.

Intelligent products are soon everywhere around us: clothing can monitor your health and well-being, packages are interactive or wallpapers can harvest energy. How can all these products be fabricated in a scalable and sustainable way? The answer is VTT Printed Intelligence: roll-to-roll printed and hybrid manufacturing technology for flexible electronics, created at a pilot factory with 20 years of experience and over 100 experts.

Flexible and structural electronics

Current electronics products are basically rigid circuit boards inside rigid boxes. VTT Printed Intelligence provides solutions for electronics that are flexible, soft, conformable, and even stretchable. They can, for instance, measure various parameters from a human (or animal) body such as temperature or heart rate, and be worn as patches, kind of like intelligent bandages, or these sensors can be integrated into textiles. These electronics with novel form factors can be used e.g. in diagnostics applications.

VTT Printed Intelligence makes it possible to convert our everyday items like clothing, packages, walls and windows into smart products without adding bulky and clumsy electronics.

Structural Electronics is a novel way to seamlessly integrate electronics into car interior lighting and sensors or displays inside plastics or glass windows, to name a few examples. Reducing the need of material usage and product weight, structural electronics has a high impact in sustainability and eco-efficiency in various applications. In structural electronics approach, the functionalities of the system – electronics, photonics, and mechatronics – are seamlessly integrated in the mechanical body. The result is a self-supporting, highly integrated, robust and functional product. 

Unique know-how and world-class pilot factory

VTT Printed Intelligence offers a unique in-house competence from material formulation and process development of pilot-scale roll-to-roll production to multi-technological knowledge of applications and systems. We also have a world-class, award winning roll-to-roll capable pilot factory for printing, component assembly and post processing. We can, for instance, assemble tiny ICs and print circuits with conductive inks on flexible and stretchable even biomaterial and paper-based substrates in a continuous roll-to-roll process to a proof-of-production level. 

PrintoCent industry cluster

VTT has initiated the Printocent ecosystem in 2008 for commercialisation and industrialisation of Printed Intelligence. The PrintoCent ecosystem has created 30 start-ups since 2011 and has 400 employees in companies. Up till today, the investment to companies is around 50 M€. At the very core of the activities is the International Industry Cluster of 40 member companies, ranging from automotive, ICT, diagnostics business sectors and respective value chains, who are working with us to exploit the opportunities of Printed Intelligence.

VTT Webinar: Circular design for electronics

How to design sustainable and circular electronics to fit the new EU requirements? What is required to build a techno-economically feasible route for sustainable recycling of the materials at the end of their lifetime? How to ensure lean manufacturing with minimum waste and emissions?

Antti Kemppainen

Antti Kemppainen

Solution Sales Lead