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VTT helps to quickly design, develop and manufacture innovative new semiconductor components for sensing and communications.

Key facts

VTT has multiple technology platforms which can be used to quickly and cost-effectively develop new components.

VTT’s IPR portfolio includes 109 patent families related to micro-electronics that are available for licensing.

VTT can offer low-to-medium volume MEMS, silicon and detectors, quantum devices and silicon photonic chips production in the Micronova semiconductor foundry.

Micro-electronic components are the key enablers of nearly every product or service that we use on a daily basis. We are all familiar with the sensors used in our phones and cars but as we move deeper into a smart and interconnected world, the need for innovative new components is increasing. Each new development can help us to improve efficiency, productivity and ultimately the quality of our lives.

VTT’s R&D to manufacturing services in Microelectronics offer a unique, fast and cost-effective path to our customers to develop new products.

VTT has always been an innovator in this field. Instead of working in the mainstream processor chip business, we were early pioneers in using our knowledge to create novel Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), photonic, quantum and other specialty components that can be used to create a wide range of sensors and devices.

There is a rich history of designing innovative RF components for the mobile telecommunications from the early days of the industry. This leadership continues with photonic components that are used in the world’s fastest optical switches in data centers. Our work in the emerging fields of quantum technology and 2D materials continues this tradition of being at the leading edge of micro and nano-electronic component development.

World-class infrastructure for development, characterisation and manufacturing

The majority of VTT’s research in this field is based in the Micronova semiconductor fab in Espoo. The equipment capabilities allow development across a diverse range of materials and processes that are wider than many other fabrication facilities. Micronova also includes extensive laboratories for specialty testing and characterization of both components and systems.

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