VTT Bioruukki pilot centre

VTT Bioruukki pilot centre is an innovation platform for new bio-based products and circular economy solutions. It offers unique expertise and piloting capabilities all under one roof. In the laboratories and pilot plant, customer organisations of any size can develop and scale up innovations and processes, accelerating their innovation cycles.

Bioruukki is one of Europe’s largest open access pilot facilities, with a unique combination of pilot-scale process development units and R&D services. Customers looking for recycled raw materials or new business opportunities through scale-up can test different solutions and generate data to support investment decision-making.

Our areas of expertise include thermochemical conversions, industrial chemistry, hydrometallurgy, biomass processing and biomaterials. With all the necessary modelling and piloting capability under one roof, VTT Bioruukki delivers optimal solutions from initial development to end products.

Our key pilot infrastructure:

Thermochemical conversions

  • Pilot platform for gasification process development
  • Thermal liquefaction test facilities
  • Lab – to bench scale facilities of slow pyrolysis

Industrial chemistry

  • Process chemistry multi-purpose pilot plant
  • Lab- to bench scale facilities for CO2 utilisation
  • High-pressure automatised catalytic conversions

Biomass processing and biomaterials

  • Biomass processing
  • Cellulose textile fibre spinning pilot
  • Cellulose film and surface coating pilots


  • Infrastructure for batch experiments and continuous piloting
  • Tailored process flow sheet for piloting
  • Infrastructure for leaching, precipitation, solvent exchange and ion exchange

We provide infrastructure for:

  • Low carbon energy solutions
  • Efficient biomass refining
  • Developing new bio-products
    • Packaging materials
    • Textiles
    • Other bio-based materials and chemicals
  • Recycling and waste utilisation
  • Sustainable chemicals
  • Metals recovery

Who is it for?

  • Start-ups who want to convince potential investors
  • Companies looking for more sustainable raw materials or developing new products
  • Research organisations and universities
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Mika Härkönen
Mika Härkönen
Professor of Practice
Kristoffer Lund
Kristoffer Lund
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Chemistry