5G and 6G test network environment by VTT

At VTT, we have a tailored test network environment that is at the forefront of future mobile network technologies. This versatile environment is a private network operated by VTT and supports a wide range of mobile network technologies for testing terminal devices, network equipment and services. It encompasses an extensive range of 5G and upcoming 6G radio frequencies, complete with a full RAN, Edge and cloud service setup along with the latest user terminal devices. Both 3GPP standards and O-RAN specifications are supported.

The environment includes a variety of radio technologies like 3GPP, Wi-Fi, TAC WIN, and LPWA IoT technologies, such as 3GPP NB IoT and RedCap. The Edge and cloud service environments are enhanced with a mobile core network and the latest GPU computing resources for AI edge and cloud computing. In addition to commercial terminal devices, device emulators enable extensive scalability testing. Software-based radio solutions improve the performance of telecommunication solutions and PoC projects. Our test infrastructure is also connected to quantum computing resources enabling testing of quantum based services and quantum key distribution.

The environment is customisable to your testing and development needs. We carry out tests and evaluations both as a turnkey service and together with the customer.

Innovate and test with cutting-edge technology

By leveraging the latest 5G and 6G technologies, you can develop and test services and products that meet the demands of the future. You easily see how your products perform in current and new communication systems and validate their performance by comparing them with state-of-the-art network solutions.

Our infrastructure is specifically built for testing and prototyping activities. This offers an excellent platform for building pre-commercial prototypes and conducting proof-of-concept testing for technologies and services.

Our offering:

  • Testing of networks, devices, technologies and performance
  • Interoperability and scalability testing
  • Testing for service quality and user experience
  • Analysis of the energy consumption of networks, devices and services
  • Cyber range for security and vulnerability testing of devices and software
  • Designing test network architecture and infrastructure
  • Implementing and demonstrating proof of concepts for industrial use cases and new telecommunication services and solutions
  • Validating global telecommunication standards (e.g. ETSI, IETF)
  • Technology analysis and roadmap consulting
  • Acting as the official operator of mobile private networks in Finland
  • Meeting the needs of defense industry stakeholders

Recent use cases:

Frequently asked questions where we can support you:

  1. How do we test the performance of wireless communications as part of product development?
  2. Are our products 5G or 6G compatible, and do they provide the necessary support for our product concept?
  3. How energy efficient is our product compared to its performance?
  4. How can 5G or 6G improve the performance of our services or systems?
  5. What network interfaces would be beneficial in our product development?
  6. What would be the best connectivity solution to support the functionality of our product?

Working with us is easy and flexible:

  • Full Service: We build and prepare the test environment, perform the testing, trials and measurements, and also deliver the analysed results and reports.
  • Bring Your Own Products: We provide facilities and basic instruments for connectivity, testing, trialing or piloting, and assist in setting up the overall process.
  • Remote Access: You get remote access to a specific part of the test network for testing purposes. We always find the optimal way to utilise remote access and customisation (e.g., via VPN) with you before the project starts.

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