Research expertise

VTT develops and experiments with low-carbon energy solutions and smart energy systems. We help our customers to adopt next-generation energy solutions today.

The introduction of new energy solutions of the future is vital for the fight against climate change. Emissions can be cut by conserving energy, improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Smart Otaniemi allows operators to experiment with next-generation energy systems in practice.

VTT’s more than 500 energy industry experts have the ability to combine research, technology and business perspectives so as to overcome the energy challenges of customers and society. What makes VTT’s expertise so special is the breadth and versatility of our research and development work. We have experts who specialise in, for example, sustainable energy production and fuels, smart and innovative energy systems, the latest trends in renewable energy and nuclear power, and the co-generation of electricity and heat. 

We coordinate an ecosystem of more than 60 innovators called Smart Otaniemi, which brings together existing and new energy operators to develop and experiment with next-generation energy systems in practice. Smart Otaniemi runs pilots relating to, for example, flexible, local energy markets, smart charging for electric cars, hybrid energy solutions for individual neighbourhoods and the world’s quietest waste collections. 

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Kirsi Kotilainen
Kirsi Kotilainen
Solution Sales Lead, Smart Energy and Built Environment