New nuclear country support

Nuclear energy is an attractive, low-carbon source of electrical power at a large scale. It is instrumental in maintaining a stable power grid and ensuring energy security.

Key facts about new nuclear country support

Nuclear energy is an efficient low-carbon source of energy 

VTT provides unbiased and comprehensive support in planning and starting a nuclear programme 

Through VTT customers can benefit from Finland’s nuclear success 

A new nuclear country has to develop many new competences and new organisations for successful nuclear energy generation: from legislation, regulation, national human capacity build-up and more. Moreover, a credible plan for nuclear waste management is a key part of a responsible nuclear energy program early on. 

Instead of attempting to directly transfer solutions to a new nuclear country, VTT focuses on the development of local competences.

Together with our partners, we have an offering targeted to all stakeholders involved in the nuclear sector. We support governments and state-level organisations in developing policies, legislation, national competences and regulations. For nuclear power plant project companies, we offer help in evaluating technologies and managing investment projects. For nuclear power generation companies in we offer technical support for making the most out of the production assets. In addition, we support nuclear waste management organisations in efficiently designing and implementing interim and final repositories and R&D organisations with human capacity development. 

In many cases, countries with a strong background in nuclear energy represent a specific technology. Finland is different. Finland has no nuclear reactor technology of its own and therefore we can serve others on an unbiased and neutral basis, using our experiences related to multiple technologies. We are an independent, transparent and trustworthy partner. 


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Erika Holt

Erika Holt

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Matti Paljakka

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