The next generation of carbon-neutral energy systems must be capable of supplying energy sustainably, reliably and competitively. VTT helps with the transition by developing clean energy solutions and by accelerating the introduction of new, decentralised energy systems.

Carbon dioxide emissions from energy production, transport and housing must be practically eliminated, and the schedule is tight: Finland plans to be carbon-neutral by 2035. It is not only electricity supply and consumption that need to change, as without energy, there would be no products or services either.

Renewable energy could account for as much as 70% of our energy supply by 2050.

VTT accelerates the transition to a carbon-neutral energy system. This means promoting smart, digitalised energy consumption, greater use of renewable sources of energy and practical exploitation of nuclear energy. Access to sufficient volumes of affordable and sustainable energy must also be secured during the transition period. This is why the entire energy palette must be developed evenly. Our studies show that renewable energy could account for between 60 and 70 per cent of Finland’s energy supply and for between 65 and 77 per cent of our electricity supply by 2050. The most important sources of electricity would be wind power, solar energy, hydropower, nuclear energy and bioenergy. 

Our energy infrastructure is changing. Instead of large power plants that feed the national grid, more and more of our energy is being produced by flexible, decentralised energy networks that rely increasingly on the contribution of consumers and service providers. VTT provides the best scientific and technological expertise for creating new innovations and building clean energy systems. 

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Kirsi Kotilainen

Kirsi Kotilainen

Solution Sales Lead