Machine vision


At VTT, we develop next generation machine vision solutions for demanding industrial applications by combining novel imaging methods, optical innovation, and AI-based image analysis. Our agile process makes it possible to rapidly develop ideas into prototypes and tailored machine vision systems, solving problems beyond traditional machine vision.

Key facts

We customise our imaging and measurement solutions and hardware to fit the needs of each customer and case, and we are not fixed to any specific technique or component. We then use AI in image analysis to understand images at varying levels of complexity.

We develop machine vision solutions for manufacturing and process industries, and work with customers with a wide range of different challenges and use cases from quality control to inspection of materials.

The multidisciplinary expertise in our team allows us to carry out projects from start to finish. Our experts in electronics, optics, mechanics, and AI algorithms work together to develop and build tailored on-line prototypes.

Antti Kemppainen
Antti Kemppainen
Solution Sales Lead, Sensing Solutions