The Next Generation Communications LaunchPad Accelerator

VTT LauchPad has been selected to operate NATO DIANA accelerator and test centers in Finland. The DIANA accelerator programme is designed to equip businesses with the skills and knowledge to navigate the world of deep tech, dual-use innovation, by bringing together talented innovators and end users of new technologies

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What DIANA offers

DIANA leverages its accelerator programme and test centre network to bring start-ups together with operational end users, scientists and systems integrators to advance compelling deep tech with dual-use solutions for the Alliance.

Companies accepted into the DIANA accelerator programme gain access to:

  • funding to support technology development and demonstration, and participation in the DIANA accelerator programme
  • 23 accelerators across the Alliance
  • 182 test centres across the Alliance where entrepreneurs can de-risk, demonstrate and validate their proposed dual-use technological solutions
  • mentoring from scientists, engineers, industry partners, end users, and government procurement experts
  • an investor network associated with the Allied Capital Community for trusted third-party funding
  • opportunities to demonstrate technology in operational environments
  • pathways to market within the NATO enterprise and 32 Allied markets


All companies admitted to the accelerator receive a grant of €100,000, with the possibility for the best ones to receive an additional €300,000 in funding. In addition, companies can expect a high-quality 6-month training program, access to over 90 test centers, a program bridging defence and business sectors, and a network of top mentors across the alliance. DIANA builds a bridge between universities, businesses, and the public and defence sector, with the aim of supporting the development of innovative technologies that help address civilian and defence sector challenges and lead us towards a more sustainable and secure world.

The Next Generation Communications and Quantum Accelerator is aimed at DIANA selected startups to develop their product and business model and find cooperation partners in the Alliance-wide defence market, which is traditionally closed and has high entry barriers. The accelerator in Otaniemi will focus on communication and Quantum technologies, but companies can participate in the accelerator also under other themes.

Finnish startups aiming to apply to the NATO DIANA Challenges in 2024, can participate in pitching training and receive help on their application in workshops organized in collaboration with  Business Finland.

For general inquiries please email at [email protected]


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Contact persons

Sauli Eloranta
Sauli Eloranta
VP of Defence
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Lotta Partanen
Lotta Partanen
Head of Acceleration & Incubation
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