Hyperspectral technologies and hyperspectral imaging

We developed a Fabry-Pérot Interferometer (FPI) technology to build universal, high resolution and fully programmable hyperspectral cameras, light sources and microspectrometers, in all spectral ranges, from UV to TIR. It finds its place in virtually all application fields and optical devices, from microscopes to nanosatellites. The MEMS version of the FPI is mass-manufacturable and can be integrated in very low cost cameras or optical devices (e.g. mobile phone). The technology is already in commercial products.

Key facts: hyperspectral technologies

Our hyperspectral imaging technology can see things and events that have a spectral signature.

Everything has a spectral signature.

A growing number of companies understand the value of hyperspectral information, with great impact on business and society at large.

Hyperspectral imaging, or imaging spectroscopy, is a technology that measures the continuous spectrum of the light hitting each pixel of the image sensor. Going beyond the RGB colour space and the spectral limitations of the human eye opens endless opportunities e.g. differentiate materials with slightly different chemical compositions or detect biological processes and conditions in humans or the environment. The technology will eventually become ubiquitous with the ongoing miniaturisation and application development.  

Hyperspectral imaging is to photography, what photography was to painting, a revolution.

VTT’s global leading edge in this field is based on its IPR portfolio and key skills in design, silicon microfabrication technology (MEMS), characterisation and optical integration, not to mention AI, machine learning or self-learning. Our customers license our technology on a non-exclusive basis, and build their differentiation with device integration, expertise in the value of the data and their own software algorithms. 

Current applications of hyperspectral technologies

Together with our customers and partners, we build solutions for industrial processes, natural resource management, agriculture, environmental monitoring, medicine, population safety, space exploration and Earth observation or any other field of human activity. 

Our customers and research partners have used hyperspectral remote sensing for mapping tree species and their health in forests or measure biomass in fields to generate accurate fertilization maps (less fertilizer needed). Revenio uses our technology and has developed a skin cancer camera able to diagnose a significant skin surface area in a few seconds. We also use our cameras to directly image pollution like sulphur dioxide. We have built hyperspectral microscopes allowing to differentiate biological tissues or materials. The list is not exhaustive. 

Whatever is your field of application or business, we are confident that hyperspectral imaging can bring new opportunities to it. Just call us or drop by our offices.

The future of hyperspectral imaging

With the mass manufacturing of our FPIs, their cost will eventually be very low. Besides the optics, the other part of the camera is the image sensor. They are very affordable in the visible and near-infrared, even soon in the SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared). Eventually such cameras will weigh a few grams, consume very low-power (already now) and will be very affordable. 

The hyperspectral imaging market is expected to grow significantly, with a lot of room for innovation at every level of the value chain. In that chain, software and AI will take a huge share and role, enabling an infinite number of applications and businesses, with a single hyperspectral camera, maybe in your mobile phone. 

Stay tuned and get in touch with our hyperspectral technology experts to find out more! 


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Philippe Monnoyer

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