Safe and secured society's functions

A safe society is a wonderful thing. It should be treasured and strengthened so that known and unknown threats both in the real and virtual worlds do not jeopardise it.

A comprehensively safe society is based on resilience and cybersecurity.
Sauli Eloranta

Predicting global crises such as the corona pandemic is difficult – and adapting them will require resilience and perseverance. For this reason, we need solutions to protect our health, security and business.

In 2030, we will have improved our critical characteristics, resilience and cyber security, together with stakeholders by utilising new technological opportunities. These will help Finland and Europe to cope with the exceptional circumstances, natural disasters and cyberattacks more quickly.

Our approach

We offer societies the means to quickly identify, prevent and recover from crises. We will help you protect yourself against known and unknown threats that jeopardise your privacy, products, services, communication systems as well as your industrial production. Our solutions allow us to defend and protect European democracy.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

  • We conduct comprehensive risk analyses and action plans that ensure the functional capacity of welfare, education, security and defence systems in exceptional and disruptive situations.

  • We design scalable cyber security development programs and test environments. We can use them to protect critical systems from new types of threats and attacks.

  • We provide solutions for acquiring, managing and sharing information so that citizens, companies and decision-makers can make the right decisions in rapidly changing circumstances.

  • We safeguard the availability of critical natural resources, food and goods and their efficient and consistent distribution in emergency conditions.