A child is cleching their fists and making a tough pose while grimacing

Resilient society

Imagine a winter storm causing long lasting power cuts in the coldest time of the year.

What would you do and how would you get help?

In times of crisis, we see how resilient our society truly is. Resilience helps us cope during exceptional circumstances and to recover after them. 

Resilience makes us strong in any kind of crisis.
Anna-Mari Heikkilä

Production systems and society need to become resilient in environmental disasters and in any kind of non-conventional circumstances both in Finland and globally.

Resilient society demands the necessary means and tools to detect and prevent both expected and unexpected incidents and to recover quickly from them.

We share our resources, because we understand where they are the most valuable in a time of crisis. 

Our approach

In 2030 we have improved our critical ability, resilience, together with stakeholders by making use of new technological opportunities. Resilience is connected to all aspects of society.

VTT envisions and develops technologies and systemic models for comprehensive safety and security. Work with us and make sure your sector is on board.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

During times of crisis, different actors in society share  the same needs. Resilience is built together.

Understanding the vulnerabilities and interdependencies between different actors and sharing resources is essential.

In crisis, shared criteria for possible prioritization and shared solutions for improving resilience are needed.

New technologies can improve resilience.