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Industrial service business


Key to growth


​Provide customers with better services and enabling technologies

More and more companies are investing in industrial services. They are creating and pursuing new business opportunities, transforming themselves into customer-centric service organisations.

Whether you are seeking profitable growth through the development of a service offering, or plan to extend your service offering in order to harness emerging opportunities, we can help. VTT aids customers in developing value-based asset management and lifecycle services, and helps end users to increase productivity.

Increasing the pace of industrial services innovation

VTT increases the pace of innovation by leveraging technology to develop service business offerings. The tools we use include user experience-driven service design, asset management expertise, and lifecycle services. We collaborate with you in developing unique solutions to fulfil your customers' demanding expectations. We recognise that successful companies will be those that provide a service platform and suite of services appropriate to the new industrial ecosystem value chain.

Make the leap to strategic services & intelligent decision-making

Internet use in industrial processes enables machine-to-machine communication, quick responses and scalable, dynamic services. Its use will radically restructure value networks and enable long-term profitable growth for your business.

The next step in industrial services design involves a systematic approach that takes us from machine to humans, organisations and networks, from data to intelligent decision-making support, and from scattered services to strategically oriented service portfolios. 

Leverage VTT for the next step in service business development

VTT experts take a systematic approach to new service business development. We know how to build a state-of-the-art suite of industrial services and are well acquainted with emerging trends. Our strong technological competences help accelerate the shift from conceptual and process models to prototypes, proof of concepts, tests and pilots. We can also enable lean and fail-fast types of development.

Thanks to our expertise, which is both deep and broad, we can tailor our work to precisely support your needs. We can provide you with advance notice of new opportunities, help you to renew your business model, co-develop service concepts and complex processes, as well as assess and develop your service culture and management style – both at single company and value chain levels. In all of this, we leverage our strong technology expertise.​

Design for customer and user experience

 ​To succeed in today's competitive markets, you need to co-create value with your customers and end users. The key to creating services that perfectly fit your customers' needs is taking a customer and user experience-oriented design approach.

Why you should choose VTT?

With VTT's experience and solid research and development methods, you are able to renew your services. We help you in different phases of service development to enhance your customers' and end users' service experience in every touch point you provide.

VTT breathes concept design, cultural change, and networked collaboration – above all, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our services are scalable and our customers run the gamut from small businesses to large corporations and public institutions.

VTT is committed to your success, whether your simply want to provide a new web service, or aspire to renew a whole industry.

​​​InnoLeap - innovative leap into the future

To succeed and grow in the competitive markets of today, your company needs to create fresh business opportunities for itself. One way to create these opportunities is to develop future-oriented and innovative product concepts

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 Human factors


​​​Human factors in systems engineering

In the increasingly technology-mediated world, successful design solutions need to be appropriate for their purposes and fit for human use. VTT is studying human and organizational factors within complex socio-technical systems in order to benefit business and organizations.

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​​​Human technology systems approach

​We offer research on human activity that focuses on evaluating efficiency and safety of human-system collaboration, understanding the role of tools in work, integrating human factors and systems engineering, and developing systematic design processes by applying appropriate ethnographic or/and experimental methods.

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Systemic development of service processes

Put service process development on the fast track

Are you looking for new ways to improve the customer experience? The value in service processes is co-created by the supplier, the customer and the rest of the value chain. A systemic process, value creation must include customer collaboration and involve an understanding of the customer's business, methods, and activities.

Systematically co-create services with client input

VTT approaches services co-creation in a comprehensive, systematic manner. We help ensure the effectiveness of service processes by mapping customer needs to the offering, modeling service processes, and planning stakeholders' roles in them. We utilize a variety of tools such as service blueprinting, cost analysis, and system dynamics modelling.

Choose VTT for service process development and implementation

VTT's service process group consists of 30 experts with backgrounds in industrial engineering and management. We support you in service process development and implementation by facilitating collaboration with your customers. Engaging your customers in product development ensures an effective outcome down the road. We analyze the needs and drivers of different parties, facilitate the establishment of common goals and development agendas in joint workshops, and support the implementation of new solutions with your personnel. We can also engage VTT's technology experts in active development work if specific technical knowledge is required.Value-based service business models.

Value-based service business models

Profit from value-based services

Are you looking for growth and new opportunities in service delivery? A better understanding of customer needs and processes can help uncover opportunities and ensure that your service offering strategy meets evolving customer needs. As new technologies reshape business boundaries and competition intensifies, high value services are more important than ever. They are key to increasing both revenues and customer commitment.

Discover your most fruitful opportunities for growth

VTT brings a new customer-centric perspective to clients interested in expanding their service business. We are expert in acquiring customer and partner insight, and in facilitating business relationship building. We discover what the customer perceives as valuable from among your services and where the most fruitful opportunities for growth lie. We help clarify your value proposition and help create the ideal service provisioning model.

Choose VTT for service growth results

VTT's service business team consists of 30 experts with backgrounds in industrial engineering and management. We help you to discover hidden opportunities within your current service offering as well as entirely new ones. ​