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Research expertise

At VTT, we combine scientific excellence with industry knowledge in predicting and changing the future.

In order to have a reliable picture of the future societal and business environment, research-based foresight is needed. At VTT we have a knowledge-creating service which provides our clients with an assessment of the futures within the next 5, 10 or 50 years. We help our clients build strategic actions plans and encourage them to seize novel opportunities in technology and business. 

At VTT, our foresight and business development specialists work together with our in-house technology experts from numerous fields. We have a networked staff of over 2 000, creating multidisciplinary project teams of foresight and technology talents tailored to each project’s needs.  

In working with our clients, we put special focus on participatory methods and engaging all relevant stakeholders in the foresight process. We have a long track record of delivering over 100 successful foresight projects in Finland, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. Business leaders, governmental decision-makers and investors trust VTT as a reliable and impartial partner. 


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Antti Kojola
Antti Kojola
Solution Sales Lead, Foresight and Data Economy