Automation and robotics

Research expertise

VTT is a research, development and innovation partner with wide expertise in novel automation and robotics solutions. We are a part of the Finnish RAAS innovation ecosystem, a new hub for world-leading development of autonomous systems.

Due to intelligent autonomous systems, the future is safer, more efficient and provides us energy efficient solutions, meaningful job opportunities and new business possibilities. In logistics, autonomous systems save time, energy and nature. Production becomes safer and more efficient.

 RAAS, the innovation ecosystem of autonomous systems helps solve future challenges of autonomous systems in collaboration.

VTT is an innovation partner for developing new automation and robotics solutions. Together with VTT, you can pilot the automatization of the current work process or develop a completely new process to replace existing ones. We utilize various robot programming methods, sensing technologies for work object localization and task execution as well as quality inspection. By utilizing advanced process models, we ensure high quality outputs. If the application needs it, we can design a new robot or manipulator to meet the requirements.  

We are also an integral part of the innovation ecosystem for autonomous systems, RAAS, which is solving future challenges of autonomous systems in collaboration. Our role covers operational design, ethical points of view and connectivity and cyber security. VTT operates particularly in the following domains: shipping, land transportation, mining, port operations and drones.

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Markku Kivinen

Markku Kivinen

Solution Sales Lead