Automation and robotics


The markets for automation and robotics are already enormous and they keep growing constantly.

Collaborative robotics

Collaborative robotics has become a fast-growing sector of the market, improving productivity of the manufacturing industry. Collaborative robots or cobots are robots that work in direct interaction with human workers while performing tasks. Cobots can be more approachable for small manufacturers because they require less space and do not require heavy protective measures. Optimally, they will feature easy programming by hand. 

Multi purpose mobile and service robotics

Multi purpose mobile and service robotics is another growing sector, which provides multiple application possibilities ranging from light indoor logistics to security, surveillance, simple maintenance tasks to interactive services for humans. Applicable industries are not only in manufacturing & logistics but also in future smart public buildings such as malls, hotels, offices, airports, schools and hospitals. Commercial viability will be improved by innovative robot-as-a-service operator business models. 

Cloud robotics with edge-computing

Cloud robotics with edge computing can also offer a new sight for production systems solutions. They can accelerate information sharing for multiple robots (including mobile robots) and automation and thereby help in for example accuracy, stability, learning, and task allocation. 

VTT is a research and innovation partner in enhancing digitalisation with for example mobile/service robots, virtual/augmented reality, human factors, sensor technologies and remote operation. Today, we work on creating boundary breaking collaborations in order to build ultra-flexible, safe and agile manufacturing and production solutions. We combine new technologies and business models to create growth and competiveness for all value chain stakeholders from users to robotics platforms for the development and research of advanced custom designed robotics and machatronic systems. They include robotics, co-creation, and virtual reality laboratories located in the premises of VTT.

Sini Rytky
Sini Rytky
Solution Sales Lead, Cognitive Production Industry