VTT Bioruukki Pilot Centre

VTT Bioruukki is a piloting centre for new bio-based products and circular economy solutions with unique expertise, modelling and piloting capabilities under one roof. In our lab and pilot plant customers of any size can develop and scale-up innovations and processes and thus accelerate their product and process innovation cycles.

Key facts

Unique expertise, modelling and piloting capabilities under one roof

Long history of helping industrial partners to create and develop new process concepts

A world-class platform for scale-up and demonstrations, as well as for small-scale manufacturing

Unique innovation and demonstration platform for bio- and circular economy businesses

Bioruukki is a unique combination of pilot-scale process development units, multi-purpose reactors integrated to downstream processing units, experts and R&D services for thermochemical conversion, biomass processing, sustainable chemistry and metals and minerals recovery. With all the required expertise, modelling and piloting capability under one roof, VTT delivers optimal solutions, from initial development to end products.

Bioruukki supports business opportunities in:

  • Low carbon energy solutions
  • Efficient biomass refining
  • New biomass-based products
  • Recycling and waste utilisation 
  • Sustainable chemicals
  • Sustainable metals and minerals recovery

Bioruukki pilot centre offers:

Thermochemical conversion

We develop new and sustainable technologies for the production of bio-based chemicals and low carbon energy. We offer services from techno-economical concept development and foresight, lab and pilot scale experimental work and process development to industrial demonstration support.

Read more: https://www.vttresearch.com/en/ourservices/thermochemical-conversion

Sustainable chemistry 

Engage VTT to create competitive advantage for you with economically solid, environmentally sound and technologically outperforming chemical solutions. Optimise the use of raw materials, eco-efficient processes and waste.

Read more: https://www.vttresearch.com/en/ourservices/biochemicals

Biomass processing

We have unique competences and versatile research infrastructure for developing innovations to treat and modify bio-based raw materials such as wood, or bark or straw for novel biotechnical and material applications. We offer development of holistic biomass processing for turning your bio-based raw materials into valuable products. Upgrade your renewable raw material or waste stream into industrial raw materials for novel fibre products, textiles, plastic-like products, biochemicals and other ingredients.

Read more: https://www.vttresearch.com/en/ourservices/biomass-processing


We offer new technologies to maximise the value of ores and mineral raw materials. Our excellent research infrastructure, including pilot facilities support the transfer of latest technologies to solutions for our customers. In addition to target metals, we are able to recover minor elements and create value from side streams.

Read more: https://www.vttresearch.com/en/ourservices/hydrometallurgy

Process concept modelling

We can quickly and efficiently provide accurate information for various process industry needs for investment decision making, process development and problem solving. Optimising and troubleshooting processes with simulation tools is shortcut to successful realisation of solutions.

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Antero Laitinen

Antero Laitinen

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Kristoffer Lund

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