Healthcare technologies

When better healthcare is needed, data and machine learning can help. VTT develops ways for supporting citizens and medical professionals in managing health and achieving lasting behavioural change. Our solutions help make faster and more precise treatment decisions.

Key facts about healthcare technologies

Our technology offering covers the chain from data acquisition to analytics 

VTT has special expertise in combining data from different data sources 

Technology users can be medical professionals or citizens

What if you could see the ultrasound image of your unborn baby on your cell phone or photograph a suspicious-looking mole and get a diagnosis immediately, without an appointment? Today’s healthcare is moving toward these kinds of personalised solutions. The results are seen as breakthroughs in preventive healthcare, predictive diagnostics and care, as well as healthcare process optimisation. 

Digital health from data acquisition to data analytics

VTT researches sensors, systems and algorithms to increase human health and well-being. We help customers develop new technologies and service concepts for health technologies with top-level research and science-based results. Together, we want to give a contribution to affordable and high-quality care through technology and innovation.  

The data can be a physical signal from a human, such as temperature or heart rate, or chemical trace in a body fluid or even observations from one’s daily rhythm or living environment. Already now, ECG measurement integrated in your wristwatch can help you in not just following your training level, but also in detecting possible heart arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. Sensors under the mattress help you improve your sleep and identify sleep apneas. Intelligent algorithms can care for the older adults by unobtrusively observing their daily life to detecting possible risk of falls or cognitive problems.  

We understand the technologies from silicon to cloud

We have one of the largest R&D programs for optical, electrical, biological and molecular sensing solutions in Europe.  We combine expertise in optical engineering, instrumentation and measurement science with deep application knowledge to solve challenging technical problems. VTT has special expertise in combining data from different data sources, such as clinical data bases, national registers and biobanks.  

The result is effective new products and solutions for health and wellness monitoring.

Example cases


VTT spin-off, Combinostics, has created an AI-based clinical decision support tool, which enables early diagnosis and efficient management of neurodegenerative diseases. It enables physicians to make confident and evidence-based medical decisions in complex diseases.


  • Faster and more accurate diagnostics
  • Early treatment and detection
  • Possibility for improved treatment

eLive Ecosystem

VTT partnered with Finnish startup eLive Ecosystem on developing a solution for preventive healthcare. The solution combines AI, genetic testing, and advanced sleep monitoring technology from VTT. It enables monitoring the risk of developing various chronic diseases – and helps prevent them.


  • New possibilities for effective preventive care
  • Automated risk assessment
  • Cost effective self-care solution
Elina M. Mattila
Elina M. Mattila
Customer Account Lead
Kari Kohtamäki
Kari Kohtamäki

Heart rate monitors and smart watches are just the beginning. What if, in addition to your pulse, your smart device were able to tell you the right time to take a sip of your sports drink so that you could ride your bicycle longer?