AI for mobile machinery

Intelligent machinery improves the safety and productivity of work in hazardous environments. VTT has a proven track record in creating Artificial Intelligence powered mobile machinery for industry.

Key facts: AI for mobile machinery

Strict safety requirements motivate advanced automation and autonomy 

Data analytics with Artificial Intelligence enable global process optimisation for industry 

Performed by autonomous machines in the future routine operations in hazardous environments  

Intelligent machinery is the key to more profitable, efficient, reliable, safe and autonomous operations in industry. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques can provide a more efficient use of machinery in production. This means savings in fuel and energy, less downtime and more precise operation, which all will eventually decrease excess work, waste and emissions. Our AI technology is used, for instance, in mines, where it helps human operators be more efficient.   

By 2030 we could replace human workers from routine tasks in mining operations.

AI technologies also help analyse and optimise the utilisation of individual machines and machine fleets by creating insights and actionable intelligence from the data produced during operations.

From sensors to intelligence

VTT can provide the whole product and service from sensor development to business model and service design. VTT has a proven track record of working with mobile machinery manufacturers and their suppliers and helping create novel products and services.  

For instance, we helped our customer Hydroline create LEO, an application for hydraulic machinery that enable predictive maintenance, where the machines can be maintained even before a failure. This reduced downtime, which can cost in excess of $50 000 an hour.  

On the road to autonomy

Intelligent machinery provides better, safer work conditions, increased return on investment and enables innovation of novel value-added services. Industries such as mining and forestry will experience skilled labour shortages in the future. AI will help reduce the workload of these jobs and make them more attractive. AI can make the decision-making process faster and more reliable in cases that may be otherwise difficult to master effectively with traditional methods.

Markku Kivinen

Markku Kivinen

Solution Sales Lead
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