Petri Rouvinen starts as Professor of Practice for Sustainable Economy at VTT on 1 March 2021


Doctor of Economics, Petri Rouvinen, has been appointed as Professor of Practice at VTT. Rouvinen will focus on promoting the sustainable economy and its transformations as part of VTT's extensive research, development and innovation activities. Rouvinen has previously played a role in industrial and innovation policies as Research Director at ETLA and as CEO of Etlatieto. He will join VTT from Avance Attorneys Ltd, where he worked as a Senior Economist and, among other things, consulted on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s circular economy strategy and the Climate Fund.

Petri Rouvinen

Rouvinen's research and career have focused on the economic impact of innovation activities and technologies. These issues play an increasingly important role as sources of sustainable well-being and economic growth.

- Everyone is talking about sustainability and the circular economy but bringing about change requires a lot of work. In the real world, businesses, the economy, regulation, and science and technology should target the same goals in a coordinated way to enable more systematic change. Humanity is facing enormous challenges, for which there are unprecedented technical solutions. There is a discontinuity between the challenges and the opportunities, which VTT's new strategy addresses. I want to be part of this mission, Rouvinen says.

VTT's goal is to turn global challenges into sustainable growth by utilising science and technology. Rouvinen strengthens VTT's strategic foresight and data economics research. Tangible research on sustainable economies is essential for future business and public sector decision-making.

- In recent years, the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development have featured strongly both in customer discussions and in international research. On a daily basis, we help our customers find the best solutions and strategies to secure their future competitiveness. VTT's extensive and high-level technological expertise creates a unique platform for this. We are also a strategic partner of society when considering, for example, what measures Finland will take to achieve the carbon neutrality target. Petri Rouvinen's strong background in economics is an excellent addition to this area, says Kalle Kantola, VTT's head of Foresight-driven Business Strategies.

Further information:

Petri Rouvinen, Professor of Practice, VTT
tel. +358 50 367 3474, [email protected]

Kalle Kantola, Vice President, Foresight-driven Business Strategies, VTT
tel. +358 40 840 6427, [email protected]


Kalle Kantola
Kalle Kantola