New carbon-neutral energy systems call for innovative solutions – and open up huge opportunities for pioneering energy businesses. VTT helps energy companies to ensure the continuity and sustainability of their business through science and technology.

In order to combat climate change, the energy industry must quickly adopt new carbon-neutral solutions. Pioneers and developers of clean energy systems are brilliantly placed to leverage the growing market of smart, efficient and clean energy solutions.

A smart energy system allows consumers of electricity to also produce it and sell it.

We believe that flexible, decentralised energy networks will replace traditional power plants in the future. Consumers of renewable energy can also produce it and sell it. Finland is a frontrunner in many areas of energy technology, such as smart electricity networks and the co-generation of electricity and heat. VTT accelerates the development of new energy systems with the help of, among other things, its Smart Otaniemi innovation ecosystem.

VTT’s expertise in research and technology helps energy companies to ensure the sustainability of their business – and allows them to get involved in the development of new innovations. In addition to energy companies, technology businesses and service providers, VTT’s energy know-how also benefits government departments, public authorities, cities and towns.

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Kirsi Kotilainen
Kirsi Kotilainen
Solution Sales Lead