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Process and analytical measurement


Measuring science for demanding applications

The need for new sensing technologies and applications is growing in the Internet of Things era. The trend is towards more compact, cheaper and more robust sensor technologies. 

VTT has one of the largest R&D programs for optical, electrical, biological and molecular sensing solutions in Europe. We combine expertise in optical engineering, instrumentation and measurement science with deep application knowledge to solve challenging technical problems. As a result we create effective new products and solutions for our customers.

We create, design and construct advanced measurement devices that meet the specifications of even the most challenging applications. VTT has developed dozens of commercialized instruments for the most demanding process environments.



Optical measurement systems »

We create, design and construct advanced measurement devices that meet the specifications of even the most challenging applications. We have developed dozens of commercialised instruments now in use in the most demanding process environments.

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Optical sensors »

Our tuneable FPI filter technology enables miniaturisation of spectrometers into small, hand-held sensors. Our technology is robust and mass-producible, and eliminates the need for expensive linear array detectors, hence offering a significant end-product price reduction in comparison to grating-based microspectrometers.

VTT Node »

VTT Node is a powerful wireless sensor node enabling industrial Internet, now being demonstrated in its first industrial applications. It allows fast prototyping and is flexible platform for various needs.

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​​​SERS substrate​s »

We have an extensive R&D offering in the field of sensor technologies. Besides development of SERS sensors, we are intensively developing state-of-art read-out units for multi-analyte detection in operational sensor systems.

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​​​Probe technology »

We have developed a novel probe technology suitable for real-time process monitoring. The solution is based on integrating sphere technology for optically thin materials. Technology facilitates the whole sample stream to be measured more accurately and more sensitively than with conventional probes.

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Wireless connection ​ ​​​


Wireless and zero power sensors »

Wireless sensor networks are a key element in implementing the Internet of Things in several application fields such as industrial monitoring and structural monitoring. We have developed the intermodulation communication principle in order to wirelessly read out passive sensors at long distances.

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​​​Wireless sensing and RFID »

Our wireless sensing and RFID solutions cover wireless systems from very low frequencies to millimetre waves. Our technological approach is supported by extensive interdisciplinary know-how, substantial experience in several applications and excellent in-house technology platforms.

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​​​Science-based calibration »

Efficient calibration methods save money. VTT provides robust, selective and sensitive calibration models that are properly validated and fit for purpose.

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Calibration                 services »

Calibration services are conducted by VTT MIKES Metrology a national metrology institute (NMI) and a national measurement standard laboratory.

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Manufacturing facilities


Cleanroom facility for micro-electronics »

VTT is the provider of a world-class cleanroom facility. The 2 600 m² Micronova R&D cleanroom is fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems.

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Printed intelligence pilot                           manufacturing »

VTT offers a unique roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing environment and R&D services for the development of printed intelligence products and processes.

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Put our expertise and intellectual property to work for you

The electrical, biological and molecular sensing solutions developed by VTT regularly set industry precedents. We apply our considerable intellectual property to solving technical problems, resulting in highly functional, cost-effective solutions.


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