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Industrial IoT

From asset information to beneficial business intelligence


Industrial IoT research team has its roots deeply in the challenging industrial wireless measurements. However, nowadays we manage the IoT information chain from the physical phenomenon to the cloud application. We use our expertise and our reference technology with the multi-disciplinary VTT expert network to tackle demanding needs of our customers. We find an artefact in your process and convert it to the meaningful information to support your business.

IoT services and applications

  • IoT based service development for enabling new business models
  • Information management
  • Data analysis
  • Platform environments
  • Enterprise architecture and integration

Wireless communication and Sensing
  • Easily deployable embedded wireless sensor networks for IoT solutions
  • VTT IoT platform for application development
  • Building blocks and expertise for rapid prototyping
  • Application specific sensor integration and algorithm development


Energy harvesting and optimization methods

  • Self-powered wireless devices
  • Multi technical energy harvesting solutions: Thermoelectric, vibration, kinetic and photovoltaic techniques
  • ​​Systems, converters and energy management
  • Wireless energy transfer​

​UWB and impulse radar technologies

  • Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology
  • Simultaneous positioning and real time wireless data transmission
  • Impulse radar technology
  • Applications in target tracking, object detection and safety solutions
See demonstration videos on UWB based location tracking.


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