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VTT's Foresight builds solid basis for decision-making for the future




VTT's Foresight is a knowledge-creating service to construct a reliable picture of the future societal and business environment in the next 5, 10 and up to 50 years. We build strategic action plans towards a desirable future, empowering you to fully make use of novel opportunities in technology and business.

Foresight will help you to orient your strategy, design future-driven policies and make smart investments. We serve governments and companies as well as multi-actor ecosystems in:

  • anticipating and preparing for possible futures
  • exploring technology and business innovations
  • addressing major changes and systemic transitions
  • actively shaping a sustainable future path.


Our projects always build on a robust scientific basis with practice-ready methods and tools. Each project is a tailored design meeting your needs and sector characteristics. We put special focus on participatory methods and engaging you and any relevant stakeholders in the foresight process.

Discover and shape the future with scenarios, visions, roadmaps and action plans

The research results we produce include trend analyses, horizon scanning, risk assessments, scenarios, vision statements, roadmaps, action plans and ecosystem maps. This foresight knowledge will help you to:

  • recognize trends and weak signals behind current events
  • explore alternative future scenarios in policy, economy, technology sectors and the society
  • discover emerging technologies and make use of business and other development opportunities
  • harness your potential in driving change as a forerunner
  • direct your organization's strategy work
  • strengthen and commit your stakeholder network to a shared vision.


You can learn more about foresight and the impacts of foresight from our videos on YouTube:



We combine scientific excellence with industry knowledge

Our foresight and business development specialists combine forces with in-house technology experts from numerous fields. Multidisciplinary project teams of foresight and technology talents are assembled of the networked VTT staff of over 2 000. For example, we provide the combination of foresight and safety culture evaluation as an approach to enhance organizational safety and the capacity to address challenges and risks emerging from new technology or changes in the operating environment.

Topics we work with include:

  • Actor and innovation ecosystems
  • Bio economy and circular economy
  • Business and technology innovation
  • Grand challenges
  • Impacts and acceptability
  • Lifestyles and consumption
  • Policies
  • Safety and security, incl. cyber
  • Smart cities
  • Socio-technical systems
  • Sustainability and climate
  • Transition and innovation processes
  • Emerging economies
  • Building innovation capacity

Industries and sectors we have experience on include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Health and well-being
  • Housing and living
  • ICT
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Process industries and forestry
  • Transport and mobility
  • Waste
  • Working life and education



We have a long track record of delivering over 100 successful foresight projects in Finland, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. Business leaders, governmental decision-makers and investors trust VTT as a reliable and impartial partner.


Further examples of our recent foresight projects are listed in the REFERENCES tab.

South Australian Cellulose Fibre Roadmap

Objective: To explore opportunities to meet the key challenge among fibre producers in the Green Triangle region of South Australia: lack of communication and cooperation among local industry players.

Results: A shared view regarding the need to develop value-added production in the SA forest industry.

Impact: A rise in the level of awareness among regional operators, and major media attention:

  • A shared belief among regional players that the historical trajectory of the forest industry could and should be changed.
  • The Government of South Australia set up a fund for the renewal of the industry.

Funding and customer: State Government of South Australia

Further information:

SAM - Sustainable acceptable mining 

Objective: To identify and interpret sustainability drivers for mining industry, with focus on social acceptance. Roadmapping for the Finnish mining sector in transition until 2030.

Results: Concept for 'social licence to operate' and improved dialogue between companies and stakeholders. Potential business models and service concepts that promote the overall sustainability of the sector and enhance eco-efficiency along the value chain.

Impact: Sustainable technologies and assessment tools create added value to the companies and increase knowledge on mining operation in general, regional and international level. Actors along the mining value chain were brought together: e.g technology developers, mines and other service providers, authorities, consults and local inhabitants.

Funding and customer: Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. A partnership of VTT together with other RTOs and mining sector companies.

Further information:

Cyber Security Competencies in Finland – Current State and Roadmap for the Future

Objective: To examine the current status and future projections of cyber security competence in Finland.

Results: The report lays out a prospective picture for the development of Finland's cyber security environment over the next ten years, as well as three roadmaps for the route from the current situation towards the goal. Recommendations of measures to strengthen Finland's cyber security competencies were given.

Impact: Potential for developing cyber security competencies and the cyber security sector in Finland identified, taking into account current strengths and weaknesses and comparison to leading countries. Importantly knowledge gaps and shortages were addressed.

Funding and customer: Prime Minister's Office

Further information:

Digital Health Future – Roadmapping South African Strategy

Objective: To broaden the Finnish and South African capabilities for strategic planning of digital health innovation ecosystems, and secondly, to analyse and conceptualise digital health innovation ecosystem issues in the South African context.

Results: A validated conceptualisation of a South African Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem.

Impact: Extended collaboration and dialogues between South African and Finnish experts working on innovation and challenges of global development. Insights and lessons on how technologies can be deployed to address society-wide challenges.

Funding and customer: Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Further information:

SINTRAS – Study towards a single and innovative European transport system

Objective: To examine technological, regulatory and legal barriers and to propose actions to overcome them in the context of the European goal of an integrated transport system, a Single European Transport Area.

Results: Barrier analysis, roadmaps and action plans for five specific technology areas in transport and mobility. Recommendations for action in for sectoral, national and European decision-makers across Europe.

Impact: Concrete support to the Commission's transport research and innovation policy.

Funding and customer: European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport

Further information:

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​Meet our foresight experts

  • Wessberg Nina, Research Team Leader  


  • Auvinen Heidi, Research Scientist  
  • Gotcheva Nadezhda, Senior Scientist
  • Halonen Minna, Research Scientist
  • Koivisto Raija, Principal Scientist  
  • Leinonen Anna, Research Scientist
  • Myllyoja Jouko, Senior Scientist
  • Popper Rafael, Principal Scientist  
  • Sundqvist-Andberg Henna, Senior Scientist
  • Tuominen Anu, Principal Scientist  
  • Ylönen Marja, Senior Scientist
  • Åkerman Maria, Principal Scientist


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