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Glues and adhesives

When targeting sustainable bio composite products you might also consider our bio-based adhesives!

​VTT is developing bio-based adhesives:

  1. Adhesive formulations based on lignin for e.g. replacement of phenol in thermoset resins, 
  2. Polysaccharide glues e.g. starch based glues for paper applications and 
  3. hot-melts based on grafted celluloses.

A new generation of bio-materials is emerging. Bio-based glues improve the carbon foot print of the materials, and at the same time are more safe and easy to use in wood, paper and bio-composite materials.

Adhesives are extensively used for example in packaging, construction and textiles.

Core competence

VTT has developed formulations and IP on price-competitive adhesives based on natural and renewable raw materials with a proven performance for paper, wood and plastics. Examples of bio-based adhesives developed at VTT include: 

  1. formaldehyde-free thermoset resin based on a non-toxic cross-linker, starch and lignin/tannin with proven wet-strength properties 
  2. hot-melt adhesives with a wide range of viscosities for fibre-based packaging material based on modified starch, modified xylan or cellulose acetate 
  3. water-based adhesives with a high dry content based on modified starch.

VTT is currently further exploring the possibilities of utilizing lignin as a component in adhesives as well as bio-based pressure sensitive adhesives for labels.


VTT has considerable knowledge in the modification and adhesive formulation of bio-based polymers (lignin, starch, cellulose, xylan). In addition to modern laboratory facilities for early development work of bio-based adhesives and state of the art analytics, VTT also hosts pilots for up-scaling.

VTT is currently involved in both client projects and publicly funded research projects.

Adhesives manufacturer, chemical industry and companies interested in valorisation of sidestreams/waste please contact us for more information on bio-based adhesives solutions.

VTT’s adhesive portfolio range from hotmelts to thermoset resins, which enables a wide span of application areas i.e. gluing of packaging materials (including food packaging), glueing of wood based products, glueing of bio plastic films etc.