Biotechnical and chemical process development

Biotechnical or chemical processing is a vital step in creating added value for the cosmetic, pharma, chemical, energy, forest, and metals refining industries.

Key facts

Covers the whole value chain from lab scale to pilot scale, from pretreatment to the final product. 

Bioprocess development is linked with experts from metabolic and protein engineering, food technology, computational biology 

Chemical process development combines modeling, pretreatment, reaction engineering, downstream processing, and scale-up.    

The world has approximately 50 years left to find an alternative to fossil oil before the current known reserves run dry.  There is an urgent need to replace the fossil feedstock with more sustainable alternatives, such as sugars, cellulose, lignin, bio-oils, waste streams, and recycled liquefied plastics among others.  

With the right know-how renewable feedstocks can be economically converted into valuable intermediates and products, including organic acids, vaccines, proteins, polymer precursors, plastics, chemicals and fuels.

Healthier planet by developing sustainable chemical and biotechnical processes utilising renewable feedstocks. 

Biotechnical or chemical processing is a vital step in creating added value for the cosmetic, pharma, chemical, energy, forest, or mining & mineral industries. VTTers are working on, for example, a project, in which we are tackling the plastic waste problem through know-how in biotechnical and chemical process development. We are turning plastic waste into fuels and chemicals with the help of bacteria in our fermenters, and simultaneously working on the pre-treatment of the feed, and its conversion to liquid form. 

Serving the whole biotechnical and chemical process value chain

Do you have a raw material and want to turn it into something more valuable? Do you already know your chemical or biotechnical process, but want to streamline it to be more sustainable, energy efficient and economic? We are here to help you also if you are looking for to up-scale your process or optimise the parameters for maximum productivity, or would like to try a process step, but lack the equipment or the expertise. 

The biotechnical and chemical facilities at VTT comprise equipment to accommodate for the entire value chain – prehandling a variety of raw materials, processing in fermenters or chemical reactors, and finally separation and purification – in small lab scale all the way to pilot scale. Or you may decide to handle some steps yourself and let VTT take over where you cannot do it alone. 

Our experts have successfully developed processes from even the most surprising raw materials to the most extravagant products, have hands on experience with the equipment and know the science behind the processes. We are here to help you tackle your specific challenge. Our flexible way of working and firm dedication to the mission ensures success for our customers.  

Jari Rautio

Jari Rautio

Solution Sales Lead
Kristoffer Lund

Kristoffer Lund

Solution Sales Lead