VTT LaunchPad

The science-based incubator VTT LaunchPad delivers VTT’s strategy to renew industries and society by spinning off companies built on VTT’s technologies. In the incubator, we bring VTT researchers and IPR together with the best business minds and investors out there.

Watch LaunchPad introduction and the pitches of our teams at our Meet & Greet event 6.10.2021.

VTT LaunchPad is committed to develop fundable spin-off companies with great impact

VTT is a powerhouse of technology development and scientific research. Many of the most significant Finnish technology start-ups were brought to life at VTT. In VTT LaunchPad, we offer the teams a startup development path leading to successful spin-offs.

About VTT LaunchPad

VTT LaunchPad started its incubation operations in the fore year of 2019. Currently, we run the application once a year for internal VTT teams who wish to develop a spin-off venture based on their research and inventions. 

In VTT LaunchPad, we apply the Lean Startup funding principles of reducing uncertainty one step at the time. This means that we tailor the incubator program according to the teams’ individual needs and current state of development. We emphasize getting the ventures close to customers as early as possible to create startups that  serve the real customer need.

VTT LaunchPad's Ventures

VTT LaunchPad is a deep-tech incubator combining research, technology, mentors and investors.

We create bold science-driven companies to renew industries. Get to know our teams and be part of the future of new innovations now!

The incubation program offers

  • Up to a year of pre-seed funding for the teams, guided by the Lean Startup principles
  • IPR support and development
  • Active team development
  • Entrepreneurial training and courses
  • Mentoring, contacts to investors and other partners

To enter to the VTT LaunchPad, the business idea must

  • Be built on VTT IPR that can  be spun off.
  • Show market potential and be scalable.
  • Have a positive impact and benefit for society and the customer.
  • Be built on demonstrated technology.
  • Be run by a team that can develop to a fundable team.

At VTT, we also coordinate the twice-a-year applications for the Business Finland’s Research to Business funding.

In practice, this includes

  • VTT wide screening of R2B teams in collaboration with business development and IPR teams
  • Sparring to get the best possible applications
  • Assistance in complementing the teams with external, accomplished commercialization expertise. 

Ways of getting involved

We are constantly looking for individuals with proven track record of developing startups to international commercial success, who are interested in:

  • Founding a science-based startup
  • Joining a team as an entrepreneur
  • Mentoring

VTT LaunchPad benefits for an investor

  • Early opportunities for interaction and investment.
  • Early visibility into venture teams and tech trends.
  • Science & research based new ventures with solid IPR.
  • Exceptionally customer centric teams, proven customer need, problem-solution fit and customer commitment.

As a corporate partner

  • you may be able to help with the productization
  • be the early stage customer
  • take part as an advisor of a Research to Business -project.

Meet our team

Lotta Partanen
Lotta Partanen
VTT LaunchPad Manager

Lotta is the founder and manager of VTT LaunchPad with career long experience in strategic innovation in multiple new business creation environments in large international corporations. Lotta is firm believer of lean methodology, culture of trial and error and customer centeredness. Her vision is to develop and grow the VTT technology based spin-off pipeline to create fundable startups hungry for international growth.

TiiaMaria Tenhunen
Tiia-Maria Tenhunen
Senior Specialist, Ecosystem and Networks

Tiia-Maria works as a senior specialist at VTT LaunchPad. Her main roles are the communication and collaboration with the stakeholders and startup ecosystem, as well as, development of the mentoring program. She also supports Lotta in developing systematic practices for incubating research based spinoffs. She is the key contact in event and training organization for the VTT LaunchPad. Due to her previous career as a biomaterial researcher at VTT she understands the mindset of a scientist and is interested in supporting their mental shift to entrepreneurs.

VTT LaunchPad Alumni

An aerial photo of a forest with a river running through it, ending in a lake

Enifer Bio (Oct 2020)

Enifer Bio is an expert at squeezing every last drop of value from biorefining operations. The solution is built on decades of Finnish expertise to allow the production of valuable protein-rich feed from streams previously considered worthless.

Photo of a scoop of protein powder

Volare (June 2021)

Volare aims to provide a sustainable solution for protein production through valorisation of food industry side streams. With over 100 billion target market it wants to save the world from waste.

CooliBlade cooling element

CooliBlade (November 2021)

Extremely efficient cooling solution for high power electronics. Applicable to a large variety of product segments, where heat limits the performance.

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