Granarium Technologies

VTT LaunchPad spin-off incubator team

Granarium will transform the way electricity is stored. We use nanocellulose to build 100% renewable electricity storage everywhere.

Growing use of electricity is transforming the world. Yet, current electricity storage is based on non-sustainable, hazardous, and unethical resources. Battery is the most crucial, expensive, and large component, and it limits the freedom of design.

Granarium changes the way electricity is stored. Our mission is effortless, safe and clean driving in the future. The solution is made of 100% renewable raw materials and based on high consistency nanocellulose. As a material it is safe and it enables new design freedom. The solution has limitless application potential for all vehicles from two-wheelers to passenger vehicles and smart energy solutions. 

Our technology is superior, and the initial proof of concept works. Raw material for manufacturing has been developed for more sustainable basis and the IPR is extensive. We are at early steps of our research to business project, and we are developing our materials and processes further to define the most viable path to commercialization. One of our key milestones is to develop a demonstrator that proves the potential of this solution.


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