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Calciner integrates methods related to the electrification of industry and the refinement of carbon dioxide, offering solutions for the carbon-neutral and even carbon-negative products.

Leveraging VTT's extensive experience in electric calcination, Calciner combines calcination with the utilization of carbon dioxide, providing a highly cost-effective alternative for significant emissions reductions. Calcination is a basic industrial solution used in the cement industry and in the production of burnt lime, for example, as slag formers in the steel industry or when regenerating lime from lime mud in the pulp industry. Electric calcination allows us to move away from fossil emissions caused by heat production in calcination, but it also enables the production of pure carbon dioxide without the need for separate carbon capture units. In addition, these methods can also be applied in the future to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere a.k.a negative emissions. For example, the method can produce carbon-neutral lime, which can also be used to produce negative emissions through structural liming in agriculture and water liming in Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement, which can remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is released through lime production by electric calcination.

Check out this video about the technology that is now being commercialized. 

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