Measurement solutions

Measurements play an essential role in improving our quality of life and protecting the environment. We support our customers in achieving reliable measurement solutions for diverse applications.

Key facts about measurement solutions

VTT develops and constructs advanced measurement devices that meet the specifications of even the most challenging applications.

We tailor solutions to client specifications.

We can provide traceability to measurements.

All modern economies are increasingly dependent on reliable measurements. Currently, virtually every aspect of our everyday lives is somehow quantified, and this trend is just accelerating. Accurate and reliable measurement solutions and equipment are crucial for technological innovations and scientific discovery, as they help us test new ideas.  

Better measurements support the introduction of improved services and processes to increase productivity and reduce waste. Moreover, reliable measurement solutions are a necessity to give confidence to the enforcement of regulations relating to environment, health and trade. 

Unique know-how

As a multitechnological research and technology organisation, VTT has the ability to build novel measurement solutions that combine different technologies: sensor and prototype development, data analytics, industrial internet solutions, and cyber security, among others. We use our broad knowledge on measurement solutions to address grand challenges in areas of energy and natural resources, industrial renewal, environment and climate, health and safety, and security.  

We bridge the gap between measurement technologies and applications.

Our research enhances economic performance and speeds up innovation as reliable and accurate measurements enable more efficient utilisation of natural resources, increase productivity, reducing losses and thus may significantly reduce costs.  

VTT also operates as the National Metrology Institute of Finland (VTT MIKES), offering ways to demonstrate reliability and traceability of measurements, calibration services as well as consultation and training (especially on measurement uncertainty) to ensure your company’s business-critical processes, globally accepted quality, and growth through innovations.  

VTT is one of the world’s leading R&D centres in the development of online optical analysers, with over 60 experts specialising in optical engineering and measurement technologies, process analysis and modelling, optoelectronics, spectroscopy, machine vision, image analysis, pattern recognition, AI and high precision optomechanics.

Our application areas include:

  • Metal, steel, paper and pulp
  • Mining, mineral processing, scrap metal sorting
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, process monitoring
  • Consumer applications
  • Defense, intelligent traffic, police,  
  • Forestry

Optical measurement and inspection techniques have a significant role in industrial real time quality control, automation and process control. Development of autonomous vehicles is strongly based on optical measurement techniques and camera systems. Security applications and inspection are increasing and development of these systems are based on optics and optoelectronics. In general, environmental monitoring is increasing and intelligence will be integrated closer to measured phenomenon when computing power increases.

Examples of measurement solutions developed at VTT

  • Field-capable spectroscopic instrumentation, for wide range of applications: for on-line, on-site monitoring of gaseous emissions of radiocarbon, for determination of the biogenic content of biogas mixtures, for monitoring key gas components adversely affecting indoor and outdoor air quality, for real-time, online process analysis in biogas reactors.  
  • Novel active hyperspectral (AHS) technology for measurements of chemical substances on solid and liquid surfaces.  Application fields: autonomous vehicles, mining, border control and circulating materials.  
  • Wide range of novel measurement solutions for advanced manufacturing: e.g. nanotechnology, functional surfaces, photonics, factories of the future, additive, highly parallel and ultraprecision manufacturing.
  • Synchronisation – directly, traceably, and at the accuracy of an atomic clock – to the Universal Coordinated time (UTC) without maintaining an expensive in-house clock infrastructure for the hyper-connected society.
  • Dozens of commercialised instruments now in use in the most demanding process environments.  They are used e.g. in applications such as the measurement of moisture, chemical composition analysis, thickness of material and uniformity analysis.
  • Novel probe technology suitable for real-time process monitoring. 

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Example case: Tieto-Oskari Oy

Supporting business expansion to Asia with validation and reliability checking 

Tieto-Oskari manufactures AKKE solutions, which continuously monitor the structural condition of buildings for dangers such as the risk of collapse. Before expanding to Asia, authorities required independent validation of the reliability and accuracy of their sensors. VTT planned a method for the validation & reliability checking and performed testing of their angle sensors.


  • Turn-key solution for sensor validation & checking
  • Traceable, internationally accepted test results
  • Impartial validation of AKKE building monitoring sensors
Kaj Nummila

Kaj Nummila

Solution Sales Lead
Antti Kemppainen

Antti Kemppainen

Solution Sales Lead