Smart health and wellness

Societies are facing major challenges when it comes to sustainability of the healthcare system. This is due to increasing life expectancy and ageing population. VTT’s outcome-driven science-based smart health solutions make it possible to provide affordable health care that is accessible to all and ensures a good quality of life for people of all ages.

Key facts: smart health and wellness

The largest amounts of cost savings can be obtained by preventing diseases,  and for many diseases even small lifestyle changes can create big results. 

Digital healthcare solutions help professionals to choose a right treatment with more confidence and less effort. 

Practical AI tools for analysing data from different sources, such as patient records, home care, health registers and biobanks, play a crucial role in more efficient decision-making.

In the ageing society, more and more people are at risk of costly chronic diseases, such as diabetes, dementias and many others, without being aware of it. However, it is often fully possible to decrease the risk of developing a disease. We provide technological solutions for recognising personal risks and suggesting the most suitable interventions.  

To achieve this and many other solutions for the sustainable healthcare system, we use our competences in AI and data analysis methods and services, novel sensors, diagnostic tools, robotics, communication technologies, integrated data architectures, and behaviour change technologies.  

By 2030 we are able to detect personal risk of at least one major lifestyle disease one year earlier than today.

Access to the Finnish health-data infrastructure creates a unique position for VTT. VTT is a key player in national and international context, engaging with stakeholders, actively creating and participating in national ecosystems, EU consortia, networks and public-private partnerships. 

Preventive health care

Our aim is to reduce premature mortality and the tremendous costs associated with especially life-style related diseases. We do this by providing people with the tools and mindset to make the right lifestyle choices at the right moment - backed up by factual evidence. This is relevant for healthy aging and independent life as well. We use VTT’s world-class competences in wearable sensors, pioneer-experience role in health data analysis during daily living, and behaviour change technologies.

Predictive diagnostics and care

Increased knowledge of disease mechanisms, medication effectiveness, treatment options and health risk profiling at individual level are urgently needed to improve the efficiency of health care.  

Success is built on two components: Firstly, VTT’s excellence in AI, healthcare decision support systems, diagnostic tools, knowledge of data architectures and infrastructures, and computational and robotic technologies. Secondly, strong networks with health data providers, healthcare professionals, medical device and pharma industry. 

Healthcare process optimisation

Resource-limited healthcare systems struggle with increasing demand and limited resources. VTT provides unique solutions to model and make complex continued-care pathways (including home and hospital) understandable to allow for objective and evidence-based decision making for resource optimisation. These are combined with proven methods for policy makers that can predict impact of digital healthcare solutions.

Elina M. Mattila

Elina M. Mattila

Customer Account Lead
Kari Kohtamäki

Kari Kohtamäki

Senior Advisor