Vision report: Turning sustainable development into a trump card for Finnish industry


Finnish industry needs to be in the front lines of sustainable development and to profile itself on the global market in such a way that we will help our customers act in a sustainable and responsible manner. This emerges from VTT's vision report Sustainable Industry X: Towards a Finnish industry vision and agenda of 2030.

VTT asked Finnish experts in research and industry for visionary views of Finnish sustainable and smart industry in 2030. Factors bringing a competitive  edge and a vision for Finnish industry for 2030 were visualised from this basis.

Competitive edge from a carbon handprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of Finnish industry is important, but it does not produce competitive value of any significance. It is possible to get a competitive advantage from the company's carbon handprint, how companies help their customers act in a sustainable matter. A new deal on the market achieved by a green shift is under way and in this competition the fast and skilful ones will overtake the slow ones. With its skills and knowledge, Finnish industry holds the keys to success, but Finland needs to quickly and decisively latch on to the opportunity that is available. The proposal for a national industrial vision also aims at this: Make Finland the sustainable winner!

Must-win battles

The following were seen as the most important must-win battles on the way toward the vision: Finnish industry needs

  1. to move forward on its own sustainable production and business to serve as a credible helper of customers in these matters
  2. to strengthen the eco-systemic type of action to be able to respond quickly enough to systemic customer needs
  3. 3) to stay with the vanguard of digital transformation and
  4. 4) to bring about a rise in investments.

Next steps

Next an extensive discussion will be needed with industry and the different actors in research to enrich the vision and practical measures needed for reaching it. This produces the collective national Sustainable Industry X (SIX) industrial agenda.

Connection with the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme

Minister of Economic Affairs and Employment Mika Lintilä has launched the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme for Finland, which is helping create a national collective agenda aimed at the fourth industrial revolution. The chair of the steering group of the programme, Jussi Herlin (Kone Oyj) says that the programme hopes if the branches of industry, business ecosystems, companies, research institutes and institutions of higher education, regions, and interest groups would link their own road maps and their operational programmes for the implementation of a national agenda. A national agenda that unites industry is therefore needed, and SIX includes important elements for realising this agenda.

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Riikka Virkkunen
Riikka Virkkunen
Professor of Practice
Harri Nieminen
Harri Nieminen
Co-Creation Manager
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