Tekla Tammelin appointed as Research Professor in Biomaterials Engineering and Design at VTT

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Dr Tekla Tammelin, has been appointed as Research Professor in Biomaterials Engineering and Design at VTT with effect from 1 December 2018.

Tekla Tammelin has been working as a Principal Scientist at VTT with the research responsibility area of lignocellulose and especially nanocellulose-based innovative biomaterial solutions. She has been leading research where plant-derived materials are utilised as e.g. selective membranes for water purification systems, substrates for printed electronics and optical structures as well as immobilisation matrices for energy producing biomolecules.

As reseach professor, Tammelin will further promote biomaterials research at VTT. Her research draws on the intrinsic properties of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, and the functionality of the cell-wall system. The prime target is the generation of new knowledge on lignocellulose-based materials and their behaviour in order to pave the way towards novel biomaterial concepts and future breakthrough solutions. In addition, Tammelin is leading FinnCERES – materials bioeconomy flagship competence center of Aalto University and VTT  – along with Professor Orlando Rojas.

"New fascinating era is starting for lignocellulose-based materials, and the transition towards the utilisation of renewable resources is even more pronounced. A new position is a mandate to continue and amplify the efforts to develop sustainable solutions with real societal and economic impacts", says Tekla Tammelin, commenting on her new role.

Biomaterials are playing a key role in the frame for bioeconomy. They could replace fossil-based materials and make a positive contribution to the mitigation of climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources. In the future, biomaterials will be influenced by natural biodiversity. This will require a better understanding of how the structure and functionality of the materials interrelate. Modelling will also play a growing role in the design of novel biomaterial architectures and manufacturing processes.

"Over the coming decades, the development of high value-added biomaterial products will be important for the regeneration and business operations of forest-based value chains in Finland. The new Research Professorship will form an important complement to VTT's biomaterial research by targeting the research, functionality and application potential of deep interactions between lignocellulose-based structural components and structures", says Tiina Nakari-Setälä, Vice President, Research at VTT.

Tekla Tammelin
Tekla Tammelin
Research Professor
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