New Finnish Quantum Institute brings together top expertise in research and commercialisation


VTT, Aalto University and Helsinki University establish together InstituteQ: The Finnish Quantum Institute to coordinate quantum science and technologies

Finland is gaining momentum in the cutting-edge research of quantum technologies. Aalto University, Helsinki University and VTT are already strong global leaders in the research and development of the technology needed for quantum systems, such as devices and sensors, novel quantum materials, and quantum information. Now the two universities and VTT have taken a new step towards impactful cooperation in quantum technologies under InstituteQ. 

‘We see exponential and sustainable growth opportunities in quantum technologies for the future, and understand the value in cooperation. We want to be inclusive and invite interested stakeholders – companies and institutions alike – across Finland to join,” said Dr Himadri Majumdar, Manager of Quantum Programmes at VTT, "Our aim is to work together to leverage Finland's quantum expertise to create new opportunities, for both research and business."

In addition to hosting and training current and future experts in quantum-related fields, Finland is also actively working towards its own quantum computer. In Espoo, VTT is currently building a 3-stage Quantum Computer in a co-development project, together with a Finnish start-up IQM, that will showcase Finnish expertise and provide an initial platform for both further research and commercial activities. 

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Himadri Majumdar
Himadri Majumdar