The Finnish public appreciates VTT


The study by T-Media reveals that VTT's overall rating has risen from the previous year. VTT is now ranked 7th in reputation among public administration organizations in Finland. VTT now rose to 7th place in the comparison of the 79 public administration organizations surveyed in October-November 2021.

The survey shows that VTT's reputation among the Finnish public is at a very good level, scoring 3.73 on a scale of one to five. Most positive development has taken place in the most important dimensions of VTT's reputation: Responsibility and Products & Services.

“The reputation score achieved is the best in VTT’s entire eight-year measurement period and we are very grateful for that. Behind the good reputation is the daily work of our whole staff and excellent partners”, says Antti Vasara, President & CEO of VTT.

The aim of T-Media's annual Luottamus&Maine (Trust & Reputation) Survey is to find out what kind of reputation and stakeholder support public organizations operating in Finland have among citizens. VTT's reputation was examined as part of this research entity in November 2021. VTT rose to 7th place in comparison of the 79 public administration organizations surveyed. 

The list of the 10 most renowned public administration organizations in order: the Emergency Response Center, the Finnish Border Guard and the Rescue Department, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency TUKES, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK, VTT, the Office of the President, the Accident Investigation Board, and the Centre for Occupational Safety.

How the study was conducted

VTT was surveyed by T-Media as part of its Luottamus&Maine 2021 survey, which is a reputation survey evaluating several organizations. The reputation of each organization was measured using eight dimensions on a scale of 1 to 5: governance, finance, leadership, renewal, interaction, products & services, workplace, and responsibility.

A total of 8,807 Finns participated in the study. Of these, 1975 Finns rated VTT's reputation, of which 204 gave a valid rating. The data collection of the study was carried out with an electronic questionnaire on 7 Oct. – 11 Nov. 2021. The target group was Finns aged 15–65 nationwide excluding Åland. The sample is weighted to represent the population by sex, age and area of residence.

Leena Rantasalo
Leena Rantasalo
Head of Communication
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