Ethical principles are the foundation of all VTT operations – Updated Code of Conduct guides every VTTer's actions

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The Code of Conduct brings together the key guidelines on the practices we follow at VTT. It provides a framework for the ethical choices that the customers and other stakeholders expect of VTT.

VTT's reputation as an ethical actor is strong, as proven by the stakeholder surveys and the annual customer impact survey for customers. The materiality analysis carried out as part of the corporate responsibility work also highlighted how much people appreciate the sustainable ethical foundation of VTT's activities.

Every action counts

“Together with our customers and partners we solve global challenges and develop innovations via research. It is essential that all our stakeholders can trust our compliance not only with laws and regulations but also with the highest ethical norms. In this, every action counts,” President & CEO Antti Vasara underscores. “We also expect our partners to commit to our Code of Conduct,” he continues. 

In addition, VTT has more detailed internal guidelines on such matters as occupational safety, data protection and publishing. 

The sustainable foundation of the operations is the basis for corporate responsibility

VTT's operations are based on strengthening sustainability from the viewpoint of the environment, society and the economy. Our impeccable ethical principles – impartiality, reliability, integrity and responsibility – form a solid basis for our research and business. "A sustainable foundation is one of the priorities of our corporate responsibility, its cornerstone,” says Antti Vasara. “It forms the basis for our other priorities: the thriving professionals, empowered customers and a resilient society.” 

The Code of Conduct provides the framework within which every VTTer acts in their everyday work in such a manner that our ethical principles are realised. It was first introduced in 2017 and last updated at the turn of the year 2021–2022. The Code of Conduct is available in both Finnish and English on our website. During the spring, every VTTer will go through the content on an online course.

Heli Helenius
Heli Helenius