VTT creates sixth sense for humanity

Philippe Monnoyer,
Antti Näsilä

We have developed a technology that will change the way we see. We have created sixth sense for humanity. It's hyper-spectral imaging. In the future, we will be able to identify skin cancer, narcotics, pollution and crops maturity with a hand-held hyperspectral camera and spectral sensors.

Smart sensing will permeate our everyday lives. Hyperspectral imaging is a market-changing technology.

To achieve this potential, the commercialising company must master seamless cooperation between AI, high-speed networks and cloud services. VTT understands the entire smart-sensing ecosystem and works with the best in the industry to create commercialisable and scalable solutions for business needs. No ready-made solution exists yet – customer company will package VTT's expertise to form commercial applications. Applications will create new business and make solutions widely available that make life easier and improve production.

VTT's technology is scalable for mass production.

Mass production enables the commercialising company to produce applications at consumer prices and bring them into the daily lives of thousands of people.

Hyperspectral cameras and spectral sensors have been reduced in size to a few millimetres and can therefore be integrated with handheld devices. Mobile and smart applications connectable to various platforms will enable completely novel solutions for industry and services, which meet the needs of the fourth industrial revolution.

VTT has developed tiny hyperspectral cameras for a large number of challenging applications.

These include the diagnosis of skin cancer, environmental sensing based on nanosatellites, various drone applications for precision agriculture and forest monitoring, and the remote measurement of vessel emissions.

VTT's customers have commercialised scalable spectral sensing for applications such as mobile drug detection by the police, optimisation of agricultural production and the remote measurement of patient respiration in a hospital environment.

Food scanner solution wins 1st prize at EU Horizon 2017

Spectral Engines

The VTT-based company develops and produces smart material detection technologies for various industries. It has developed the smallest and smartest spectral sensor in the world for consumer use. The 2017 Achievers Award by the Kauppalehti magazine.

Hand-held device for detecting skin cancer without surgery


The company licenses VTT’s hyperspectral camera technology. Revenio’s aim is to launch an easy-to-use, mobile screening device that enables dermatologists to detect skin cancers and their precursors.

Most up-to-date, cloudless and comprehensive satellite-based map of the world

Satellio: Terramonitor

VTT originated space data company produces space data based analysis and monitoring services. The technology is based on the satellite data processing chains, automatic image scanning and multi-source data merging. As a result of this data process Terramonitor creates new information to support our customers’ decisions and processes.

The world’s smallest and most lightweight frame based Hyperspectral Camera


Develops and constructs reliable equipment and systems for safety- and security-critical applications. Designed and built in Finland with over 75 years of tradition and know-how, all the devices have been field tested under extreme conditions.

The Specim IQ hyperspectral camera won gold for innovation and design

Red Dot 2018 Design Award, Innovators Award Program 2018 and inVISION 2017 and 2018


The VTT-based company manufactures hyperspectral cameras for purposes such as analysing foodstuffs, sorting various kinds of materials, plant and colour research, and geology. The range of products reaches from advanced remote sensing systems and cameras designed for industrial needs to easy-to-use portable imaging equipment.

Tracking seedling stand management needs via satellite imaging – not enough resources for comprehensive field work

The Finnish Forest Centre

VTT has developed a method for assessing the need of early stage seedling stand management based on satellite images. Information on brush growth is useful for service providers that market forestry management services, for example. The satellite imaging method can also be used to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement and update information on forest resources.

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Philippe Monnoyer
Philippe Monnoyer
Customer Account Lead
Antti Näsilä
Antti Näsilä
Principal Scientist