Our culture and values

Our culture is based on VTT's values: Respect, Together, Passion and Forerunner. We aim to build the world's most meaningful place to work and want to build a culture that supports our strategy and goals. 

Joy, curiosity, and courage are the cornerstones of our culture.​

Our organisational culture plays a significant role in the successful implementation of our strategy. It impacts our productivity as well as the well-being of our people, the atmosphere, and the overall experience of working at VTT. This, in turn, reflects on the customer experience we provide.

Meaningful work in an inspiring workplace

Our culture is rooted in an inspiring environment where everyone has the opportunity to harness and develop their skills and potential fully. We value great colleagues who offer their help and support, and we get to do meaningful work while solving the biggest challenges of our time. There are many ways in which VTTers value the flexibility at our workplace.​ 

Working together brings us joy

Collaborating and co-creating make us more ambitious, and we get to solve even greater challenges when we join forces. Working together brings us joy and makes us feel engaged at work. 

We want to encourage curiosity, support continuous learning, and be interested in what's happening around us and in our customers' and partners' environment. We want to become more customer-centric and understand their needs better.

three people working in a laboratory wearing blue coats
To succeed, we must have the courage to think beyond the obvious.

We encourage our people to take ownership of their work and our leaders to show leadership. We have courage to act in difficult circumstances and build a psychologically safe culture. To succeed, we must have the courage to think beyond the obvious.

At VTT, we are building the future of working life through trials and listening to our people

We actively try out models that support collaboration and community spirit, both of which are essential for innovation. Our goal is to make VTT the most meaningful workplace in the world: a place where you can do purposeful work and continuously develop. We also want to provide all VTTers the possibility to experience joy, courage, and curiosity at work. These are the cornerstones of our working culture.

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How does this sound?

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