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VTT MIKES Metrology


Measurements everywhere

VTT MIKES Metrology – ensuring the value of data

Measurements underpin virtually all aspects of our everyday lives in production, fair trade, consumer protection, health, safety, law and order. They provide the framework and tools needed for scientific discovery and technological innovations.

An agreed-upon system of measurement is essential for a functioning economy and provides the basis upon which norms, standards, values and results can be communicated.

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​Data – the new gold of the connected world

​Digitalization is transforming businesses, creating new disruptive opportunities and more efficient operations
– The transformational force is data. Measured data is a valuable commodity in optimizing efficiency and increasing safety, in enabling remote monitoring and real-time adjustments to processes as well as in providing a basis for more accurate decision-making.

Data has no value unless its accuracy can be proven. Even miniscule errors can have catastrophic consequences in measurement-dependent fields, including air travel, healthcare and power production.

The further we advance towards production ecosystems with shared production resources, greater the need for stringent product specifications and quality assurance. 

​We help with the consistency of measurements

​As the National Metrology Institute of Finland, we develop and maintain the national measurement standards.

We perform scientific research in metrology and develop measurement techniques to ensure consistency and accuracy of measurements. Our research findings benefit businesses, governments, and the society.

Through our research and services, we create new ways to demonstrate reliability and traceability of measurements to ensure your company’s business-critical processes, quality assurance and growth through innovations.

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 Expertise in critical measurement solutions

We provide following measurement services critical to production, research and development ​

  1. Traceability of measurements

  2. Calibration services

  3. Development and validation of instruments and systems

  4. Quality management systems

  5. Data analysis

  6. Consultation and training



​​Read more about us and our services on our website:


Read more about us and our services on our website: