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Ship model test facilities


​Unique testing environment

The ship model test facilities are used to validate the hydrodynamic performance
of ship and propulsion devices. The model tests also provide validation material for numerical hydrodynamic analyses of marine applications.

  • Length 130 m, width 11 m, depth 5.5 m
  • Towing carriage maximum speed
    forward 6.0 m/s
    backward 3.0 m/s
  • Plunger-type wave maker for regular and irregular waves.
    Maximum wave height ~0.32 m, Hs max ~0.21 m
  • PMM mechanism for captive maneuvering model tests.
  • Tests performed:
          • Resistance & propulsion in calm water & waves.
          • 3-D wake measurements, flow visualization.
          • Wave induced motions & forces on ships and floating structures.
          • Hydrodynamic forces on submerged bodies.
          • PMM tests for floating and submerged bodies etc.​​