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Computational research

Modelling and simulation services to speedup research and development


Computational methods, such as modelling, simulation, analyses and optimisation, enable remarkable speedup of research and development (R&D) processes. VTT utilises computational research methods and tools in its research and development, and offers related services and support to industry and business. We have powerful computing capacity, state-of-the-art software tools and large number of computational research experts to realise even the most challenging computational R&D needs. In addition, VTT has good connections to the leading service providers and companions in the field of computational R&D, such as CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

Computational resources

Efficient computational research requires powerful computational resources. VTT has its own computing resources, such as several cluster systems, computing servers and high-end workstations. Having its own computing resources provides us flexibility and speed in resource utilisation and data security. In addition, the capacity can be extended to external computing services, when that is applicable.

VTT’s largest computing cluster, “the Doctor”, provides sufficient computing power even for demanding cases. The cluster system contains almost 100 computing nodes and over 2000 CPU cores. Well parallelising software applications can efficiently utilise this computing capacity, and the computing results can be received fast.