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Sustainable energy and fuels


Liquid biofuels


​Choose from sophisticated thermal and biotechnical routes

​VTT creates solutions tailored to local biomass and waste streams. Clients take advantage of our services along the entire development path, from feedstock and concept evaluation to process piloting and vehicle testing. We can also help in demonstration projects as well as developing and initiating first-of-a-kind industrial plants. VTT biofuels solutions are in use around the world. Our focus is on sustainable non-food materials like cane stalks, forest residues, straw and other lignocellulosic raw materials. Our proven technologies include both thermal and biotechnical conversion routes to next generation biofuels.

​Commercial scale biomass-to-liquid solutions

VTT develops advanced nextgen Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) technologies at a commercial level. VTT integrated fast pyrolysis is already successfully replacing fossil fuels today. Transforming lignocellulose to bioethanol is faster and cheaper with intensified fermentation and less costly enzymes. ​


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Liquid biofuels

VTT has the know-how to produce advanced biodiesel as well as renewable jet fuels. Depending on feedstock availability, we can make use of thermochemical or biotechnical conversion platforms. Whether you want to start from scratch, require proof-of-concept support or need a partner for your flagship project, VTT has the capability.

Lignocellulosic bioethanol production is one of our core research areas. When you need to diversify your raw material base, optimise enzymatic hydrolysis or improve conversion to ethanol, VTT is your R&D partner. Leverage our deep knowledge for superior results. VTT´s deep understanding of fermentation processes and organisms can help you to achieve that last, most difficult boost in process efficiency.​​

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​​​Fast pyrolysis – conversion of biomass to bio-oil

Our strength is the critical mass of persons representing development (experimental and modelling), analytics, and technical services. We also operate a unique fast pyrolysis pilot plant, which may be used to help scaling-up processes.

Affordable sugars from lignocellulosic biomass

VTT develops industrial concepts for the deconstruction of renewable biomasses by applying sustainable biotechnical methods, often combined with chemical or mechanical processing.

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Gasification of biomass and waste

A major part of our activities is related to process development work, which we are able to carry out at laboratory- and pilot-scales with our unique test facilities and world-class expertise.

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Power generation from biomass

Over 90 % process efficiencies are achievable in CHP production combining production of power heat and cooling in thermal power plant. Superior system efficiency, cost effective, resource efficient. With ever increasing fuel prices and tightening environmetal regulations, high process efficiencies offer tangible assets for thermal power plants ensuring high peak load operation and stable load demand. 


Advances concepts for fuel characterisation, boiler design and boiler service and operation in both, pulverised coal (PC) and fluidised bed (FB) boilers are needed, to retain high operational hours and minimize unexpected downtime. With help of VTT you can minimise risks related to boiler investments and expansion of fuel mix.

​​​Supercritical CFB

Our strength is to combine experimental results obtained from CFB pilot- and bench-scale devices into modelling tools that have been developed so as to understand combustion phenomena in CFB combustion.

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​​​Small-scale CHP

Our strength is in developing innovative solutions to utilize challenging biomass streams in energy production and combining technology experts, analytical, modelling and technical services and our wide research infrastructure.

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​​​Renewable and sustainable heating oil

We convert solid biomaterials to liquid biofuels using fast pyrolysis. Our competence builds on a thorough understanding of the liquid product, the process characteristics, and their role in scaling-up work.

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​​​Fossil fuel replacement

We develop and demonstrate sustainable high efficiency technologies for combined heat, cooling and power generation from biomass utilising pulverised fuel and fluidised bed combustion technologies, in both greenfield and retrofit plants. 

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​​​Challenging fuel mixtures

VTT has gained an understanding of and developed methods to prevent ash deposition and high temperature corrosion during biomass and waste-derived fuel combustion.

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​​​Biomass supply chain

Our expertise encompasses applied research, feasibility studies and method development in the areas of harvesting, chipping and grinding, logistics, drying, handling, and upgrading of solid biomass fuels.

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​​​CFD modelling

We have over 30 years experience of the application and development of Computational Fluid Dynamics  (CFD) modelling tools for combustion and industrial multiphase flows. We have combined in an innovative way various modelling approaches with CFD.

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Waste to energy

Traditionally waste has been seen as a material to be disposed but today waste is seen as a valuable raw material of energy and valuable metals. New advanced technologies enable even more than 50 % higher waste to electricity efficiency and in addition to this, more profit can be earned by recovering valuable metals from residues of Waste-to-Energy plants. Simultaneously traditional landfilling is avoided and fossil CO2 emissions are reduced. 

​​​Conversion of waste to energy

Gasification-based high efficience WtE technology enables almost 50% higher power production efficiency having a very positive impact on the economy of the plant, and at the same time fossil fuels can be reduced in power production.

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​​​Material recovery

VTT has developed a patented advanced gasification process for the simultaneous recovery of energy and metallic aluminium from the waste stream of recycling of liquid packaging.

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Industrial biotechnology for energy and fuels

VTT offers comprehensive services for industrial biotechnology customers. Our offering ranges from enzyme development and high-throughput production host screening to evaluation in bioreactor systems all the way to process scale-up.

Our offering combines expertise in biological sciences and engineering with up-to-date research infrastructure. VTT offers process development and piloting, from biomass pretreatment to enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation and product purification, in addition to techno-economic evaluations.


Development of production organisms

We use state of the art molecular and synthetic biology tools, high throughput screening and in vivo evolution to enhance the properties of bacterial, yeast, fungal and plant cells in bioproduction.

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​​​Protein production

We provide custom recombinant protein production in our Expression service. We improve protein production hosts and carry out research to understand the molecular background and physiology of protein production.

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​​​Protein discovery and engineering

We develop proteins for various applications and carry out research and development on many aspects of protein chemistry: new and better enzymes, robust nanomaterials with unique properties.

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​​​Bioprocess development

VTT is your partner of choice in the exploitation of different organisms – from bacteria, yeasts and fungi to algae and plant cells.

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Infrastructure & business d​evelopment

​VTT’s strong expertise in process and product development, together with our well established approaches for systematic evaluation, simulation and modelling, will provide a fast lane to holistic feasibility estimates. 

​​​BIORUUKKI pilot centre​​

​Bioruukki is our unique innovation and demonstration platform for bio- and circular economy businesses​.​​

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​​​Bioeconomy concept development and evaluation

VTT’s strong expertise in process and product development, together with our well-established approaches for systematic evaluation, simulation and modelling, will provide a fast lane to holistic feasibility estimates of novel concepts.

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Fresh thinking

Our customers tell us that collaborating with VTT adds value in a number of ways. It brings fresh thinking to the table, offers proven technologies that can be tailored to their specific needs, and accelerates the development and implementation process.

How we work

Working with VTT is different. Instead of developing everything internally or working with companies pushing proprietary solutions, we function as an extended part of your team. With VTT, you are tapping into liquid biofuels research and development that is both deep and broad.

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