In the future, both people and goods will be transported in a more sustainable, smart and automated way. VTT supports innovation in transportation. We help businesses develop smart mobility services, including autonomous vehicles and sustainable transport systems.

The transport of both passengers and goods is changing. Intelligent autonomous systems are expected to make future transportation safer, more efficient while reducing emissions and energy use. Automation and new data generated by digital transport systems create new business opportunities for companies in road and sea transport.

Intelligent autonomous systems can make future transportation safer and more efficient while reducing emissions.

The market for autonomous systems is estimated to have strong growth in the coming years, with the automotive industry at the forefront. The market for autonomous vehicles, heavy machinery and drones is projected to reach a total value of approximately 70 billion euros by 2023. By combining its national strengths, Finland's export industry is well-positioned to benefit from growth in both subsystem and overall system deliveries.

VTT aims to help make Finland the front-runner of an autonomous future. We can help customers in developing mobility services and vehicle and transport automation solutions. Our strengths lie in service impact assessment, safe operation of autonomous systems and situational awareness in challenging conditions.

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Heikki Rajasalo
Heikki Rajasalo
Solution Sales Lead, Mobility and Transport