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Brewing yeast development

Create bespoke strains for your process!

​VTT offers a range of solutions to improve the productivity of yeast strains used for the production of enjoyable beverages.

Using natural strain development tools VTT can develop new brewing yeast strains that can create unique flavour profiles, exhibit greater stress tolerance iduring fermentation or ferment low-alcohol or low-calorie beer.

Strain development to suit your needs

With an international reputation for enhancement of fermentation processes and many decades of research into the molecular and physiological mechanisms governing performance of industrial yeast strains, VTT can help maximize the potential of your yeast strain. We have successfully improved the stress tolerance and increased the functional diversity of strains without recourse to any form of targeted genetic modification.

VTT have been the first to publish the creation de novo hybrid lager yeast through interspecific hybridization ( – a technique that looks set to revolutionize the brewing industry. Through careful selection of parental strains one can combine the best features of disparate yeast species. The method may be used to improve process efficiency or create interesting flavour profiles.

Natural enhancement of yeast properties can also be achieved through evolutionary engineering. Yeast populations can be screened for naturally occurring variants with special features. We have used this technique, for example, to improve the stress tolerance of yeast strains, to allow fermentation of high gravity worts ( This approach may be employed to increase resistance to any stress encountered during fermentation.

The non-Saccharomyces yeast are a genetically diverse group that harbour enormous phenotypic diversity. VTT have characterised many strains that are compatible with conventional brewing processes, individually or in co-culture. These strains are potentially suitable for a number of process outcomes - low-alcohol or low-calorie beer or beers with unique flavour profiles.

A network of yeast specialists

At VTT a range of techniques are available to characterize developed strains. These include a range of fermenters and chemostats, as well as pilot-scale malting, brewing and baking facilities. A range of options also exist for metabolite analysis (off and online). Our specialists in biochemistry, physiology, genomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, etc. are on hand to elucidate the mechanisms underlying any phenotypic change. Enhanced strains can be securely deposited and maintained at the VTT Culture Collection (

Our expertise in yeast development is applicable to any industry that relies on yeast performance. Our ‘natural’ approach to strain and process improvement is particularly suited to the food industry.