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Biopolymer foams

Development of bio-based polymers foaming processes is our key competence

A combination of biopolymers, fibres and foam processing: unparalleled strength/weight –ratio, environmentally friendly and cost competitive products for packaging, construction and vehicles.

Reducing the weight of a product is the best way to make it more sustainable throughout its life cycle. Introducing natural or man-made fibres ino a foamed composite structure enables the industry to lower the weight of current products and enter new product and customer segments.

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Bio-based polymer and composite foams 

Development of bio-based polymers foaming processes is our key competence. The main technologies employed are particle and extrusion foaming using both chemical and physical (e.g. scCO2) foaming agents. We also develop the polymer matrix with additives and fillers such as fibres for improved foaming properties and mechanical performance. In addition, we study new in-house developed polymer materials.

Currently, we focus on particle and extrusion foaming of bio-polymer materials for various applications in the construction and packaging sectors. In addition, we do extrusion foaming for bio-composite materials.

Pilot environment for the processing of polymer foams

VTT has well-equipped facilities for particle and extrusion foaming both on a laboratory and pilot-scale. Among other things, our facilities are equipped with a micro-pelletizing system and a pilot-scale co-extusion foaming line. We also have a comprehensive range of melt-processing as well as pre- and post-processing equipments that support our bio-polymer foam research.

VTT is aiming at companies in the packaging and construction sectors who are looking for more sustainable materials or methods to reduce the weight of their current products who can benefit the most from our offering. 

Foamed composites and polymer products can be employed in several different applications in the construction and transportation sectors such as panels, profiles and insulation.