Turning VTT’s IPR into fundable startups: Examples of current and future VTT spin-off companies

Our task at VTT is to create an impact of change in society and industry with our technology. We want to ensure that our ground-breaking research is introduced to the global market on as large a scale as possible. Please, have a look at our spin-off examples and current VTT LaunchPad teams that are on their path to become one.

Onego Bio: Egg protein by fermentation – no animals needed

Paptic combines the best of plastic and paper into a recyclable alternative to plastic

Finnish start-up Solar Foods makes food out of thin air

Nothing goes to waste when Volare turns industrial food side streams into circular proteins, oils and fertilisers

Science-based incubator VTT LaunchPad

VTT LaunchPad is committed to develop fundable spin-off companies with great impact. It supports venture teams to develop VTT owned IPR into fundable startups geared for an international growth path.

Get to know all the current VTT LaunchPad teams and be part of the future on new innovations! 

Team Granarium Technologies: Electricity grid stabilizer made of 100% renewable materials

Team HYPERMINE: Laser-based hyperspectral mineralogy sensing for mining

Team PEMEL: Electrolyzer system for mass production

Team Flow-computing: Parallel Processing Unit gives 100x performance boost to CPU