Sparking change: Speed up the electrification of transport with VTT

Electrification of transport is happening at an accelerating pace. We work with companies throughout the value chain to speed up market entry.

VTT has extensive know-how regarding the whole charging ecosystem, light- and heavy-duty vehicles, batteries, and capabilities to help in every step.

How we can help

Battery manufacturers

Managing the whole battery lifecycle:

  • Use more sustainable and efficient raw materials.
  • Create a second-life strategy to battery components.
  • Accelerate growth and implementation of new technology.

Vehicle manufacturers

Faster market entry with proven technology:

  • Get support from early stage measurements to final testing.
  • Model the efficiency and show accurate costs before big investments.
  • Calculate the total expenses of the whole product lifecycle.

Charging ecosystems

Know-how regarding the whole charging system:

  • Create a wide, secure and profitable network of charging parks and farms.
  • Define the most productive locations.
  • Develop charging units that are easier to manufacture and assemble.

Case: Electric bus revolution in Santiago de Chile

Santiago wanted to improve air quality by electrifying the city's bus fleet. Demanding conditions and lack of reliable data made it hard to predict costs and benefits, and to choose which routes to electrify and the vehicle types to buy.

VTT's holistic approach and collaboration to simulate and plan the electrification project have resulted in a huge success, which drives change both in Santiago and more broadly in Chile.

Electric bus in Santiago, Chile
Our partnership with VTT has been extremely fruitful. VTT has globally recognized technical capacity and thought leadership, while CMM is able to provide regional expertise on the operational and regulatory conditions of Latin America.
Sebastián Galarza, Transport & energy sector lead at CMM

The battery industry is growing fast, offering companies opportunities across the entire value chain

Regulation, that is guiding the development, and the fast market change create promising growth to the battery market. All parts of the value chain are connected to each other, forming a lot of co-operation between the players and offering new business opportunities.

VTT helps industrial organisations in all stages of the value chain. Our predictive analysis, material knowledge and test laboratories create a foundation for companies to take advantage of this huge potential while mitigating risks.


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Guide: Electrifying public transportation

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Heikki Rajasalo
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