Sensors and integration

Research expertise

We provide cutting edge research and innovation partnership in sensors and sensing from silicon to cloud. Our expertise covers the full range of latest sensing technologies, analysis, measurement and digitalization.

Sensors help connect the physical world to the digital world by collecting critically important data. From health devices to industrial plants to satellites, sensor technology can help companies and organizations as well as individuals and societies to improve their operations and make better decisions based on data. Sensors and their integration are also critical in the advancement of automation, the Industrial Internet and Internet of Things. With new advances, sensors can now be nanoscopic, printed on paper or made from biomaterials as well as highly energy-efficient, and full of new sensing capabilities.

VTT is a world-leading research, development and innovation partner for novel solutions in sensors and integration. Our wide range of research and innovation covers, for instance: high performance sensor technologies, such as MEMS sensors, imaging and spectral sensing, optical instruments, sensors for health and wellbeing, wireless sensing, printed sensing as well as radiation and photon detectors. 

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Antti Kemppainen
Antti Kemppainen
Solution Sales Lead, Sensing Solutions